Borderlands Museum of Mayhem, presented by Nerdist!

So with Comic Con around the corner, to my surprise there will be an event in the area (like downtown area) and as the title says it is a nice sounding event that will be free. You dont have to be part of Comic Con to enjoy it.

"Explore some never-before-seen artwork from Borderlands 3, participate in (or watch!) an official Borderlands cosplay contest, get a Vault Symbol buzzed into your skull - and more! "

I plan on going, wont participate in the cosplay stuff (dont have the skills or last minute stuff tbh) but its art, borderlands and mayhem. what’s not to love.

i am probably gonna nerd out


Ohhh man! I wish I could make it to check this museum out! I am looking forward to tons of pictures being posted.

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I live in Santa Clarita but I’m honestly considering driving all the way down to San Diego just for this

I won’t be able to make it…but if anyone does go-please post pictures of the art, cosplay event, detailed statue pics, etc.

I had asked if it was ok to take pictures (only cause some galleries don’t allow it) just to be sure. I plan on going next week. They have a gift shop as well and they said there will be VIP stuff included.

There is a local artist who will be doing like custom art. I’ve seen some of his work online, so it would be a one of a kind type of piece.

I went in, it was amazing. Art was awesome, the staff was hard working all day. Was able to get a good amount of pictures, just not of everything. I got lots of goodies as well. Met a local artist, which was awesome. I did have in mind to take a lot of pics of the Cosplay contest, but sadly it was hard to get pictures of many of the participants. I did get some nice ones of the finalists though.

and of course, there were several hidden VIP codes throughout the event.