Borderlands need players

Lookin for player’s on xbox one for borderlands the handsome collection on borderlands the pre sequel gamertag is MLG SSJG TURTLE invite me to a party if you want to join lvl 6 or higher

Xbox one or 360?

They say X1 in the message body. :slight_smile:

Got you moved to the X1 online play section. Happy looting, friendo!


Lol but some people don’t read the whole thing

He was just trying to look out for you and get you quicker help. He got my attention so i could move it there, thats what matters most :slight_smile:

Oh ok thanks for moving it

I’m using Nisha The Lawbringer and I’m at level 13

Whoops missed that bit - wasn’t looking for the word - keep forgetting Xbox One is wrote as Xbox1, unlike 360.

What’s your gamertag

So do you want to play

I invited you

GRIMLOCK420 I’ve got about an hour to play before I watch The Walking Dead

I invited you did you get it

I’m 360 and PC unfortunately.

Dang man