Borderlands O.T.D.H. Loot Maps

*** Maintenance ended 15 JUNE 2019 ***

*** Last update 20 MAY 2019 ***


Hi’ya all!

This is project for Borderlands 1 loot maps containing weapon chests and other notable info. Loot maps are made for all game areas including Borderlands 1 main game and four DLC’s (The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned, Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot, The Secret Armory of General Knoxx and Claptrap’s New Robot Revolution). Loot maps focus will be on weapon chests, unique enemy weapon loot and other details (e.g. selected Easter eggs). Note that work is done on Borderlands 1 Remastered GOTY Edition. This release is identical (in loot sense) to earlier editions with only few minor changes. For example, Golden Chests (and their SHiFT code system) is brought now also to BL1, main games final boss will reward seven Red Chests on defeat and six new legendary weapons were added to loot pools.

If you spot something missing/inaccurate you are warmly welcomed to contribute. Just let me know the details. I’ll credit you and add them on next version. More accurate info description, faster I’ll be able to verify it.

Loot system is simpler than on BL2 or TPS. Unique boss weapons can be green, blue or purple rarity. Remember that most uniques are mission rewards during playthroughs 1 and 2, switching to boss drops for playthrough 2.5. Legendaries are only random world drops from any applicable source, including lootable objects (chests, skag piles, lockers…). Note that legendaries still come in three grades based on weapons parts. This also means that same weapon can either be yellow, orange or dark orange. Pearlecents drop only on Knoxx DLC and they usually drop from tougher enemies like Badass variants (and obviously including Crawmerax the Invincible).

Note that final maps obviously do contain information that might be viewed as spoilers revealing enemy names, locations and such.

All chests on these maps have been looted and verified by author. So far all chests that I have located are also lootable. Some more puzzle to reach than others, but fret not, there’s a way to each. Loot map dimensions have been adjusted for better relative size accuracy on these O.T.D.H. Loot Maps. In case you noticed, during remaster process in-game maps have also been redrawn for better and smoother borders. So maps shapes do differ slightly compared to PS3/X360 versions.

Please do not copy/appropriate any info on these maps without authors consent.
“Because that would be stealing. And stealing is wrong!”
[Captain Scarlett]

Content is posted by CountKarloff only to Gearbox forum.

Enjoy! :smile:

Other O.T.D.H. loot maps:

Borderlands 2
Borderlands: Pre-Sequel

Example image:

Release history:
20.5.2019 DLC 3 map 8 Lockdown Palace, v1.1
1.5.2019 Main game maps 14, 15 and 19, v1.1
30.4.2019 Main game map 12 Treacher’s Landing, v1.1
28.4.2019 DLC 4 maps 1-7
27.4.2019 Main game map 17 The Salt Flats, v1.1
24.4.2019 DLC 3 maps 1-11
18.4.2019 DLC 2 maps 1-4
18.4.2019 DLC 1 maps 2 and 3, v1.1
17.4.2019 DLC 1 maps 1-6
15.4.2019 Main game maps 1-26

Thanks to:
@Geomason & @Stouty22 - Missing Red chest in Lockdown Palace (DLC 3)
@Scottes - Incorrect vendor icon on The Salt Flats
@vaulthunter101 - Comfirming multiple DLC1 Loot Goon locations.

Map links:

All main game and DLC maps Version 1.0 unless otherwise stated.
Last update(s): :cherry_blossom:

Marked chest total count is 563 (172 Silver, 350 Red, 39 Lance and 2 Golden Chests)
Including main game (175), DLC 1 (37), DLC 2 (0), DLC 3 (209) and DLC 4 (142).

01 Arid Badlands - 21.4.2019
02 Skag Gully - 21.4.2019
03 The Arid Hills - 21.4.2019
04 Sledge’s Safe House - 21.4.2019
05 The Lost Cave - 21.4.2019
06 Headstone Mine - 21.4.2019
07 Dahl Headland - 21.4.2019
08 New Haven - 21.4.2019
09 Tetanus Warrens - 21.4.2019
10 Rust Commons West - 21.4.2019
11 Crazy Earl’s Scrapyard - 21.4.2019
12 Treacher’s Landing - 30.4.2019 [ v1.1 ]
13 Rust Commons East - 21.4.2019
14 Krom’s Canyon - 1.5.2019 [ v1.1 ]
15 Trash Coast - 1.5.2019 [ v1.1 ]
16 Old Haven - 21.4.2019
17 The Salt Flats - 27.4.2019 [ v1.1 ]
18 The Backdoor - 21.4.2019
19 Crimson Fastness - 1.5.2019 [ v1.1 ]
20 Crimson Enclave - 21.4.2019
21 The Descent - 21.4.2019
22 Eridian Promontory - 21.4.2019
23 The Vault - 21.4.2019
24 Fyrestone Coliseum (Arid Badlands Arena) - 21.4.2019
25 The Cesspool (Rust Commons West Arena) - 21.4.2019
26 The Devil’s Footstool (Salt Flats Arena) - 21.4.2019


01 Jacobs Cove - 21.4.2019
02 Hallow’s End - 21.4.2019 [ v1.1 ]
03 Generally Hospital - 21.4.2019 [ v1.1 ]
04 Dead Haven - 21.4.2019
05 Lumber Yard - 21.4.2019
06 The Mill - 21.4.2019


01 The Underdome - 21.4.2019
02 Hellburbia - 21.4.2019
03 Angelic Ruins - 21.4.2019
04 The Gully - 21.4.2019


01 T-Bone Junction - 24.4.2019
02 The Crimson Tollway - 24.4.2019
03 Deep Fathoms - 24.4.2019
04 Moxxi’s Red Light - 24.4.2019
05 The Ridgeway - 24.4.2019
06 Sunken Sea - 24.4.2019
07 Circle of Duty - 24.4.2019
08 Lockdown Palace - 20.5.2019 [ v1.1 ] :cherry_blossom:
09 Road’s End - 24.4.2019
10 Crimson Armory - 24.4.2019
11 Crawmerax’s Lair - 24.4.2019


01 Tartarus Station - 28.4.2019
02 Hyperion Dump - 28.4.2019
03 Sanders Gorge - 28.4.2019
(03 Sanders Gorge, game version) - 28.4.2019
04 Dividing Faults - 28.4.2019
05 Scorched Snake Canyon - 28.4.2019
06 Wayward Pass - 28.4.2019
07 Arid Badlands - 28.4.2019


I had almost been afraid to ask you if you’d be doing this, since I know how much work it is. So thank you!

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You’re welcome :grin: . Yeah, for a while it seemed like touch and go, but fortunately love to game prevailed. This is my favorite one after all. Well, at least until September…

As to loot maps, will now concentrate on DLC’s. Stay tuned.


Big fan of your work. Thanks!

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Holy crap I had to log in after three-plus years to say this is amazing. Waaaaaaaaay back in 2009 I was part of a chest mapping thread with another dude named ZeroFyre or something. We put in the time and effort to do something similar to you. When the old forums went down it was a bit sad, but this is so much better than the work we did. Thank you thank you thank you.

Uploaded first batch of Borderlads DLC loot maps. This is maps for first one, The Zombie Island of Dr. Ned.

I want to add that had somewhat hard time on getting some of the Loot Goons to spawn. Finally decided to move on and to return on these after all other DLC maps have been completed. Added marks of these locations from my original 10 year old xbox360 notes. Could it be possible that remaster process have touched these? Other ones randomly spawned in rate that I remembered. Curiously as hunted Generally Hospital Loot Goons noticed that as hiked to south beach one location, that theme music started to play but no Loot Goon in sight. Then spotted enemy red dot in compass bar and decided to investigate. Turned out that it was the northern Loot Goon. This is odd as normally these warnings kick in when player is relatively close to spawn point, certainly not in other side of map. Happened multiple time, so maybe a bug?

Thanks @UnderOver, and welcome again. Yes, there was lot of excellent threads and info that unfortunately got buried as old forums went to greener pastures. Incidentally, you are too warmly welcomed to contribute if do find any info missing/incorrect :grinning:

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I’m pretty sure I had the Zombie Island loot goons spawn when I ran through in the remaster on XB1. If there’s specific locations you want double-checked, I’m happy to do that.

I phrased this too vaguely :space_invader:. Meant that there’s nine Loot Goons whose location I know and of these nine, three just have been too shy to come out to play. These three are marked on maps with exclamation mark beside spawn point marker chest. Two are in Hallow’s End and one in Generally Hospital. Help is always welcomed. As I want to verify these things before they go in maps, ran these maps some 50 times with these results. I’ll get later back to this new type of grinding. Joy!

Other six do spawn normal-randomly, multiple times.

OK, I did get all three of these in my Roland play-through. I will have to double-check if that was in the backwards compatible version or the remaster though. I’ll ping you when I update this post with the info.

Appreciated :grinning:. After those runs I decided that at this time, it’s better to complete rest of DLC maps than to get stuck in RNG gods hungry claws. As those spots that I did found in original BL1 (x360) are marked, planned to re-visit this facet later. But sooner this is solved, the better.

re: the chests in The Vault - they are farmable. If you save and quit from the vault then reload, they will not be there. But - start the game somewhere else (say, Tartarus Station), then fast travel to The Vault, and the chests will be there.

This is in Pt2.5 - not sure about PT1.

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Yes, I’m aware of this. Understood that this is unintended feature which will most probably be patched. Glitches or bugs are not added to maps. Thanks though :+1:

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That’s the first I’ve heard that. I guess we will see.

Generally Hospital Loot Goon location confirmed.
Hallow’s End south Loot Goon location confirmed.

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You mean the southern beach one? And one at village by T.K. Baha’s place? Great stuff, thanks! Will be added shortly. First contributor reward: :doughnut:

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And the final loot goon confirmed, except he spawned on the east side of the bridge leading to the Creepy Treehouse rather than on the west.

All this with Lilith in Pt.2 on remaster, and each one spawned on the first attempt.

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God dammit!!! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I’ll update those maps tomorrow. Thanks :+1:

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Here’s where the Loot Goon found me.

Posted DLC2 Mad Moxxi’s Underdome Riot maps. Just for completions sake, these maps don’t contain any chests.

Added also v1.1’s of two Zombie Island maps.

1) DLC 1 maps 2 and 3 - Confirmed Loot Goon locations

Thanks, @VaultHunter101 : :cookie: