Borderlands on Facebook

Y’all better be checking that page, cause it aint lowkey

lmao. latest post is rather blunt about it

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No idea what you’re talking about.

They had a lot of sexual, racist posts going on.

in simplest terms, their page got hacked. poster made a few posts and then took em down. one i cant repeat here, one for “join this discord and say a name and win cash”, then gibberish. yah missed it

looks like they are back to trolling with “the game is shutting down - Aqua (The Managment Team)”

hope they fix it soon. its getting old

they took down the picture for the page. so im afraid they will continue shenanigans and go for the page directly while they laugh.

Clearly kids … Or ■■■■■■■ dumb … Cos if it was people wanting to cause real mayhem you’d issue a ■■■■ ton of fake gold key codes n watch the thread explode in complaints … Cos a pissed of customer will do way more dangerous than these amateurs will by the sound if it

Cursed cyber-hooligans. Get off our lawn.


Looks like other 2K properties got hit too. The WWE 2K page is posting weird stuff and AEW comments.

Saw the 2k page. Racist comments, spreading dumb stuff. Some foreign kid. It’s gonna be a fun morning for 2k.