Borderlands on PS5?

Apologies if this isn’t quite the right place for this.

So I have BHC (and GOTY) on PS4 (digital copies). When I upgrade to PS5 will I be able to take those with me? As in transfer the games and/or data and be able to play them on the PS5?

I’m also curious if that would be a direct transfer from one to the other, or by using the cloud save feature.

I hope that makes sense. Any information is greatly appreciated :pray:

Yes, you can play them on PS5. Saves can be moved in few ways, USB, PS+ cloud or as data transfer from PS4.

Great, thanks for the info. Will I have to buy the games again, or how does that work?

No need to buy it again, BL1 Remaster and Handsome Collection will run via backwards compatibility, BL3 has free upgrade to native PS5 version.

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Well that’s just absolutely fantastic. Thanks again for answering my questions.