Borderlands on sale

PlayStation store is having a sale until may 31. Borderlands ultimate edition for $8.99
Guess I’ll be playing borderlands 1 for the first time

Man are you in for a treat.


The hard part is choosing which to play d3 or bl1

You still have the PS3? Also, you know you’re in the “Roland” section at the moment, right? You going soldier then? Seems fitting, although he does play very differently from Axton.

Yeah I’m still on ps3.
And wtf I hit news but it put it in Roland lol

Definitely. One is Diablo, the other is literally Diablo with guns (the loot system in BL1 was amazing). Either way you’re going to be real busy.

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Can a mod please move this to the news section and then delete it after the 31st.
My phone refuses to let me