Borderlands online western Release?

So Borderlands online actually looks pretty amazing…how about we get a western release on android or even Vita?

Looks alright to me.

Since it seems to be for PC, even if they decide to release it in the west why not on the same platform it was programmed for.

As far as I am aware it will be exclusive to China sadly.
The company thats making it doesn’t release outside their native country.

Besides, from what I’ve heared, their stuff is run of the mill, though can’t judge before playing it, which I’d like to do.

“Their stuff” Are you referring to 2K China…the team/staff that was put together solely for this game? Because as far as I know they did not exist before this game…which would mean that they have not made games before this game…which would lead me to wonder who’s “stuff” you are referring to.

Also from the looks of the trailer…the game already has an incredible amount of English work done…like voice acting. So it might not be a big stretch to see a western release.

I’m talking about Shanda, they are developing BLO.

As far as I know it is being developed by 2K China who was formed specially for this game’s development and either co-developed or published by Shanda. So since 2K are the main developers, and they are, then I wouldn’t go by what Shanda has done with their own IPs in the past as it isn’t their IP in this case.

I stand corrected then.

Thats why I made this thread…basically an entire pc/mobile borderlands game with full voice acting and story, and brand new characters, but the fact that it is geared toward online multiplayer seems to be the only thing keeping it aimed at the chinese market. I feel something like that could be very successful on Android/iOS/Vita here in the west.

I know.

And I did say that I would like to atleast try the game myself, dispite Shenda partially working on it.

Wasn’t 2K China involved with other games…?

Caught my attention it is a hybrid between BL1 and 2. And uses the beta manufacturer logos xD
Would like to headt clappy speaking in chinese xDD