Borderlands Online!?

so i just found this, looks legit:

this is Bull though:

“Borderlands Online is an instance-based online shooter, and will probably never reach western shores.”

WTF, why do we have to miss out!?
id buy this!

Call of Duty did the same thing with Call of Duty: Online.

Different market. Apparently MMOs are bigger there. It looks mostly like Borderlands 1 with slightly different classes and some MMO stuff thrown in. There are some other posts about it in these forums.

The other thread can be found here: Will the Borderlands MMO ever make it to the USA?

Since GBX isn’t actually developing it, since it will not even be canon, since the developer cannot use any of the existing classes or skill trees, and since it is likely to contain a substantial amount of microtransactions, it is a good thing this is only being released in China.

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