Borderlands: Paradox

Now, that we have gotten Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequal I would like there to be a Borderlands: Paradox. I know it sounds crazy, but I would love to fight Wilhelm as Wilhelm and other stuff.

eh…my opinion is no. GBX works on lot of stuff (including bl3) and giving it to other company would result…eh.

TFTBL it isn’t from GBX. And it’s great.

They have to finish Battleborn and other stuff. Then comes BL3.

Patience, patience. I’m sure this year we’ll hear more news about BL3.

But Tales is other kind of game, I mean, they gave claptrap dlc to other company, but It is so badly optimized. They gave Pirate and Hammerlock to Triptych. Both were boring for me, and Hammerlock was just invisible wall simulator.
Torgue DLC was badass, I must admit that The Workshop Entertainment with GBX did a great job.
And here comes Tina DLC, made by Gearbox.
Pre-Sequel was made by 2K Australia, Darkside Games (creators of claptrap dlc in bl1) and Gearbox. And even through I like TPS, the flow, backtracking and lack of fast travels isn’t for me. Still I play it, but yeah.
Claptastic Voyage is cool, don’t know about devs too much yet, but I assume it was 2k aus and gearbox, while tried to avoid TPS mistakes, and yeah. They did a good job. Still - I think when Gearbox does Borderlands, it’s the best.

Tales on the other side are part of Telltale’s game story series, where it’s mostly about the story. I must say, story there is great and awesome, but IT ISN’T “normal-ish” Borderlands, like FPS with RPG.

This text probably contains a lot of mistakes since I don’t have enough points in my English skill :stuck_out_tongue:

I am pretty sure TTG helped Gearbox in some stuff related to Borderlands.