Borderlands Pixel Art [Minifigures and Guns]

Got bored so here are more pixels. Zoom out if you want to see them in their tiny glory :]

First is Claptrap because he cut in line. He totters on his rubbery wheel and flashes the peace sign so you won’t push him downstairs.

Salvador wasn’t too hard to make, he’s a little shorter than the 16 pixel limit. He brandishes a pair of devil-red shotguns.

Wilhelm was a pain in the ass because he has loads of detail, had to pick and choose the features that distinguish him at this scale. He stands arrogantly with fists at his waist, accompanied by a crude Wolf and Saint lol

Didn’t take long to make some more weapons for Starbound…

Thunderball Fists with Maliwan grip

Infinity pistol with Vladof grip, with and without Torgue scope and melee attachment.

And now, because no one asked for it, Flakker! Used Dahl stock and grip simply because the squarish utilitarian shape looks good with the olive drab color.


Added 2 pistols