Borderlands Players- a couple of general questions

First of all, approximately how much time did you spend in Borderlands 2 without getting bored? And how many different playthroughs?

Secondly, which was your favorite character and finally, which Borderlands game did you like the most- Pre-Sequel, 2, or 1?

Thanks to those who answer. I’m just curious in general.

  1. I have 600+ hours in the game and I’m still not bored of it
  2. My favorites are Acton/Maya in 1st and sal/krieg in 2nd but having just started zero he very fun never really played gaige
  3. Can’t answer only ever played bl2
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I’ve been playing it for years with no sign of slowing down.


BL1 = BL2 > TPS

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10,000 hours give or take a lifetime

Maya and Jack are my favorite characters and Bl2 is my favorite of the games but I love them all

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Derch do you really have 10000 if so that’s crazy

I think he was exaggerating.

I think.

Idk derch is to bl what lobos Jr is to dark souls

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Mordecai is love. Mordecai is life. Best character.

Borderlands 1 is the best. Everyone else is wrong.

-rolls sleeves up-

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Seems logical

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i have 1550 hours only on bl2, 94% of which are only on krieg. but i have a mechro and i just started a zer0 xD

my favourite char rides meat bicyles and rants the whole day about meat, fluid, fire and pecs

in order?, my favourite is BL2, then bl1 and finally tps


I just surpassed 2000 hours. It’s a lot of fun when you have a group to play with.

Krieg, followed closely by Brick and Claptrap.

BL 2. TPS doesn’t have enough end game content and BL 1 is a bit dated now with how it doesn’t share ammo.

-does the same-


Played it exclusively for nearly 2 years, lost count how many hours I’ve spend on it.

Gaige, Mordecai, Nisha, Athena, Krieg. But Gaige is number 1.

Borderlands 2. But every game is good in its own way.


500hrs (BL2)
200hrs (TPS)

Krieg for solo play
Maya for Co-Op with buddies
BL2 - TPS (only a few hrs in BL1)

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Bear in mind I love campaign play and only farm under duress :slight_smile:

BL1 - 1500 hours using 25 characters (est. - 273 hours since the move to Steamworks, scaled up)
BL2 - 2944 hours using 12 characters and 7 “mules” (I’m taking an Axton through the game currently)
BL: TPS - 1065 hours using 10 characters & 4 “mules”

As for favourite characters, I can’t separate Krieg and a Melee/Plaguebearer Lilith. Brick comes in a close third.

I love all the Borderlands games and wouldn’t like to choose a favourite:

BL1 will always have a place in my heart as the first of the series. The Knoxx DLC was a classic and there are lots of good mods available. It does feel basic compared to its successors but that needn’t be a bad thing.
BL2 is astonishing in the amount of content released. The length of the basic game leaves most recent FPSs standing and the DLC has been exceptional. However, it was a step up in difficulty. I’ve done the whole UVHM/OP thing on more than one occasion. But, unlike BL1, I never felt like the “badass” you’re supposed to be.
BL: TPS brought the badass factor back with 6 very playable characters, probably the best balanced across all the games. Low grav, cryo & lasers were a great addition to the game mechanics. A bit less “talking” would have been good, though.

  1. Many many hours, Sometimes I stop playing for a couple months or so but then I come back. I don’t think I’d be bored of it ever.
  2. Krieg, hands down
  3. Borderlands 2 is better than the other 2

-500+ hours, I got the game at the beginning of 2013, played the &@$% out of it until my PS3 broke, bought it on steam, played for 300 hours, then finally just got it on ps4 (when all my characters were deleted on PC)

  • Kreig is my favourite character, his play style is amazing, as well as his character (Zero is close behind). Also, BL2>BL1>TPS

not totally biased


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  1. 400+ hours in BL1, 800+ hours in BL2, 200+ hours in TPS
  2. In BL1, I took all 4 main characters to 69 solo, and then had a couple other characters lying around for when friends were available. In BL2, I took all 6 characters to at least 72 (4 playthroughs each minimum), with two of them getting to OP8 and one sitting at OP5 right now. In TPS, I’ve taken 3 to 70 (and done a level 70 playthrough for 2 of them) with one more sitting at the end of NVHM and I’ve yet to start the other two.
  3. BL1, my favorite was Lilith. BL2, that honor goes to Maya. TPS was all about Big Willy Style for me.
  4. BL2 by far got the most play time from me, and had the most to do. Plus it has some really fun maps to run, like Sawtooth Cauldron (hate it during the story, love it afterwards), Arid Badlands, Bloodshot Stronghold, and any Loader-heavy area. I keep going back to BL1 though for the loot (pearls, Hornet Dove, Ajax Ogre, etc.), Farmory, and really fun mobbing areas like Jakobs Cove, Old Haven, and the Arid Hills. TPS is definitely third but I’ve had a lot of fun with it as well since the release of Claptastic Voyage. The lack of good mobbing really hurts it, since that’s one of my favorite things to do. The Mario easter egg and Felicity’s lair come to mind for the main game, and that’s about it. Everything else is too spread out.

Me?! Never!!

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I have many months worth of combined hours for BL1 and 2. Life means I have had less time for the Presequel, unfortunately.

Favorite character…ouch. That’s tough. Kreig, Mordy, Roland, Claptrap. Which one I play depends on what mood I’m in.