Borderlands Players- a couple of general questions

I’m at around 600 hours, and just rolled up Maya, finally. I’ve touched on each character a bit, though Krieg was always my primary focus.

I still find 2 to be the most enjoyable. I came late on 1, and still need to go back and finish a full two playthroughs (including the DLCS) on that. I put TPS down after about 113 hours, and honestly, every time I boot it up to try again, I find myself closing it within 20 minutes, fire up 2, and play for the rest of the night.

i’m not biased towards krieg, absolutely not


If I could inject BL2 via a syringe I would’ve done so already since I don’t have as much time as I used to.

The Missus and I have been bonding for years playing Krieg and Maya together. So I couldn’t quantify that with a number as I’ve clearly lost count.

She never played video games (save Super Smash Bros) and became hooked on this one.

I loved playing as Brick in the first, and while I don’t necessarily have a character whose play style I like in TPS, I went with Clappy (because the Missus took dibs on Athena).

I didn’t have my pulse on games for years, and I missed couch co-op.

BL delivered.