Borderlands Pre Crash please help

My borderlands constantly crashes when in a multiplayer game and fighting enemies i have a good graphics card so i know its not lag and it just started happening in the dlc please help. This is a link to the error i get

What platform are you on so I can move this to tech support for you? PC I take it? Just want to be sure.

yes i am using a pc

Game Crashes on PCs

We've become aware of a potential issue that may cause Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel to freeze and crash on certain PCs using various graphics cards. The dev team is looking into this and we hope to have an update soon.

This has been posted on since October…they’ve been “aware” of the issue for months but it still remains an issue. I have friends who have dealt with the assertion error since launch and it goes back to even before TPS was released, in Borderlands 2. If you search through the old forums ( you’ll find lots of threads that went forgotten because they were either unanswered or unsolved for so long regarding game crashing, there’s also a thread in the BL2 old forums with hundreds of replies…same issue. Assume it will never be fixed and your question will slip into the forum abyss like all the others before it. Hate to be the harbinger of bad news, but it is what it is…a problem (apparently) inherent in the code of the game engine that disagrees with certain nvidia cards (appears to be a PhysX issue) that has persisted for well over a year untouched. I bought this game with 2 friends to play as soon as it was released, we never even finished 1 play-through because their games crashed constantly. It’s a bummer for sure.