Borderlands pre sequel game freezing/FPS drops

So I started playing Borderlands Pre Sequel from yesterday, played for about 8-9 hours or so. Suddenly I launch the game and everytime I want to move the mouse, shoot a gun/interact with the game in any way shape or form, the fps goes on a horrible spike, same with the cpu usage. Typically my FPS would be 50-60 (Capped at 60FPS) and it’d suddenly drop the fps, pretty much just freezing the game for about 3-5 seconds or so, and it only started happening after I logged in to my SHiFT account ingame. This keeps constantly happening and I’m completely lost here.
My rig is:
Ryzen 5 3400G, 8 gig DDR4 RAM, RX vega 11 gpu (Integrated) therefore no physx shenanigans involved here.
If anyone wants to help me figure this out, I’ll be very thankful.