Borderlands: Pre Sequel Nisha game freeze

When I play as Nisha my game freezes entirely but with other characters the game seems fine. 2k said to me to uninstall and reinstall the game but it seems too risky. Ideas?

I would try that first. There isn’t anything risky about uninstalling and reinstalling the game.

Nisha’s unforgiven can cause issues with some guns like b0re and chain reaction did in bl2

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@vsalcombe, What @Derch mentioned is correct. I had this very problem with Nisha. Every time I would go into showdown my game would freeze upon coming out of it when spec’d into Unforgiven. I had to use Nisha without that skill for quite a while just because I was tired of the game freezing on me. I thought they had fixed that issue. It happened to me on the 360. I have not had any issue regarding that since moving to the Xbox one. I know the Torrent gave me lots of problems due to the bore effect it has when using it with Nisha.

Hammerbuster and Dahl lasers have penetration as well which cause issues.

I only got that freezing when using Dahl railers and the HBII. I use Unforgiven all the time without problem otherwise.

This thread might help understand how it happens

I’m on PS4 but are you sure uninstalling the game won’t erase everything?

It’s completely safe, you do however need to download the add ons again and the updates.

Curious me tried using The Torrent with Nisha and Unforgiven versus Felicity in Showdown on PS4, bad idea. XD

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