Borderlands PreOrder


I purchased and paid Borderlands3 on June 16th. Today I connected my SHIFT Account to the EPIC Games Store. The game does not appear in my library. No where I can see I purchased the game. I asked EPIC games support, they cant find anything on my account. I also asked gearbox, but they stated that they maybe could not answer because of the holiday situation.

Did I do sth. wrong?

Thank you

Did you order directly through EGS or through the 2K store?

I purchased from… added PC and EPIC … retailer EPIC
I have sent EPIC the receipe from paypal as a screenshot. Hope that helps

Not sure what to suggest, other than to see how EGS responds following the screenshot. It’s possible that the site runs the orders through the 2K store to Epic, in which case you could also try contacting 2K Store support.

i ll try contact 2k. thanks for the suggestion.