Borderlands PS3 Multiplayer Service back Online!

Today, multiplayer will be restored to Borderlands 1 on PlayStation 3 in both North America and Europe (and Japan is coming soon!).

Upon launching Borderlands 1 on PS3, you’ll be prompted to download an update that enables the new matchmaking system. This update also contains a few other changes:

  • Within Borderlands multiplayer, you can sort your friends list in a few different ways:

  • Who is playing Borderlands

  • Who is online

  • Alphabetical order

  • The “And They’ll Tell Two Friends” Trophy will now grant correctly

  • Improvements to voice chat

Note that if your save was previously stored in the cloud instead of on your PlayStation 3 hard drive, some settings such as screen brightness, Y-Axis invert, etc. may need to be reset.

If you have any trouble, visit

Thanks to everyone for your patience as we worked to find a solution, and special thanks to the folks at 22nd Century Toys for helping to make this happen!


Great news to hear

I just got hard. This is wonderful news.

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This is awesome news.

Wow wow wow wow wow wow wow wow

This is incredible!

Thank you so much GBX! Thank 22nd Centuaru Toys (whoever they are)


Voice chat may be useable now!


Fingers crossed for the quit save to work now


It does. :smiley:

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■■■■ yeah! This means I can tear Pandora up in co-op again!

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And you can give me one of your Serpens :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll have to come up with a ridiculously good item will I ever give up a Serpens :wink:

Alright. Two Undertakers xD

TSsk. I think you’re jealous that I never found an Undertaker. xD

Mayor kudo’s to GBX and 20th Century Toys for allowing PS3 users to play with friends in co-op again.

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I had a couple of everything on 360. When it died I got a PS3 and have had to start over. I miss my Unforgiven with the masher accessory most of all.

I’m slowly rebuilding an Assassin. Hit level 62 and have the mod, artifact, and Bouncing Betties. Just need a Pestilent Defiler.

Going to do the 15 minute 80,000 xp run from The Back Door to the end of the Crimson Fastness a bunch of times to get to 69 (and loot the red chests) then I’m going to hit the Farmory. Hope the Medkit jump works

HAd every legendary atleast once. Only pearls I never found are the Undertaker, Bessie, Nemesis and the 3 shields.

I have two nemesis. I could give you one… For a Serpens :stuck_out_tongue:

You really aren’t giving up, aren’t you? ;p

I’ve gotten every legendary at least twice!

I’m still missing a Nemisis, Omega, Serpens, Bessie and Tsunami from my Pearl collection. I’ve also gotten every loyalty COM except S&S and Ashin.

And I’ve never seen a hybrid.

Even the Reaper? Took me nearly 4 years to find just one.

Took me 3.5 years to find one, then I found 2 more in a few weeks.

Same with the Ogre, nothing for years then 3 in the span of a week.

As well as Pearls, after my first one later that week I got 2 in one day. Then it’s been a slow trickle after that.

If I’ve picked up 20 oranges this playthrough, 10 have been Equalizers. Two were mashers, one caustic. Great with Mordecai but still would like some variety.

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