Borderlands PS3 Multiplayer Service back Online!

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #21

HAd a 2 year long dry spell when it came to Pearls. Back then when I mained Roland I got a Serpens and Stalker. The rest slowly popped up when I went back to the game “full time” when I was burned out on 2.

Also, regarding the online function beign restored:

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I gotta run the joke into the ground :stuck_out_tongue:

(Boring Ol' Album Cover) #23

I’ve had an Ajax Ogre drop, but it was HVY30, so I didn’t pick it up.

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #24

Atleast you didn’t offer a dozen of Equilizers ~_~

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #25

If anyone wants to have a celebratory multiplayer (since there is litterly 1 public game at the moment) my PSN is superborris (note the 2 "r"s in borris)

I also only perform “safe borderlands” so if your infected with Keep Your Insides Inside don’t use that character.

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I already did two Craw kills with FlamesForAll. Got a Dahl loyalty com for Lilith (my second one), and Brick got an HX 4 Hellfire and a 3000 capacity shield.

([In Memories Delusional - YZ]) #27

Tempting actually.
Can’t sleep anyway and I don’t see a reason why I can’t trust you when it comes to this.

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #28

Well I’ll be back online in an hour or two. If anyone sends me a request and says who they are from GBX forums I’ll accept and play together if you want.

(Samuraith) #29

This is great to hear been wanting to do some runs with some friends.

(Jan S.) #30

I don’t play on consoles, but support for this game is great. Other unnamed companies would throw s**t on our heads.

(Enemy of Thunder) #31

Like EA?


(Samuraith) #32

Im at least glad gearbox got borderlands back up and running. Only wish Trendy would get back up theirs so I can play dungeon defenders online again.

(Big Bad Dog IV) #33


/Day is Made

(Brian with an I) #34

For their next trick I’d like to see some fast travel stations in T-Bone Junction. I forgot how tedious farming Crawmerax is

(No longer caustic!) #35

Yeah, that’s unlikely. Fast travel can’t be patched in easily, as it’s a geometry change, and Sony/Microsoft don’t like that, for some reason.

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #36

If they added fast travel, it would make the already ultra generous farming insane. The only deterant from farming Armoury 24/7 is the long drive.

Craw isn’t so bad since you can kill him again by walking out of his Lair and back in until it gets to cluttered with loot, I do 5 kills then save&quit.

If they were going to fix anything, I want it to be the Reaper it’s so damn rare and useless. 300% melee on Truxxi Mord would be insane.

(Berserker) #37

Awesome news!

Maybe this was done so the cross save feature will be available when the BL1 remaster eventually hits next gen. (Yes this may be wishful thinking, but let me have my moment.)

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #38

But wouldn’t not fixing it be better for a Remaster so people would be more inclined to but it?

Be able to play online co-op would have no effect the your ability to put your save file on a USB.

But I to really want Bl1 remastered.

(Brian with an I) #39

I haven’t played Borderlands 1 since Borderlands 2 came out. Having dropped Crawmerax a dozen or so times now I may be more OK with the long drive. I certainly don’t remember him being so generous with the loot. It’s almost too good of a loot pool.

Got a Tsunami from him this morning

(Poorly drawn Starlord) #40


Craw doesn’t really have a loot Pool, he can drop anything in the game that isn’t a unique.