Borderlands PS3 Multiplayer Service back Online!

(Adrion54) #41

Thank you soooooo much Gearbox for this AWESOME update !!
We are back in Fyrestone, and Atlas should be scared of that !! :smiling_imp:


And how sweet it is!

I played a single Mordy only playthrough back upon first release, for xBox (I’m on PS3 now) and then moved on to other games.

So, 2 months ago, Christmas 2014, when PSN went down, a buddy suggested i start up BL1.

Have become a bit obsessed with it between now and then!

I didn’t think i would ever get to play it online!

So, for the last 2 weeks, i have finally been doing co op with friends and it has been awesome!

(Prissyb-tch) #43

This was great news! I’ve been back on the only true Pandora since we got back online and it’s been good to be home.
Thanks, GBX!

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(Ryker61) #44

YES, YES, YES, YES, OHHHH HAPPY DAYS. Finally, I don’t have to keep trekking to a New-U Pole to save my game.

(Stormstalker777) #45

too late… bought a ps4 a week before this thread, i REALLY hope they will launch it for the next gen like they are doing with borderlands 2 and tps (even though it would make much more sense to have a bl1 and bl2 collection) oh well

(N.W.A. - Ninjaz With Attitude -) #46

And there was much rejoicing.

(not as funny as he thinks he is) #47

THAT. IS. AWESOME!!! Thanks to anyone and everyone who helped make this happen!

(Otto Nl) #48

That’s awesome…
But is it me or is PS3 MP almost unplayable? On PC it’s okay, also some lag issues and some disconnects but not too bad.
On PS3 however the first 15 servers all timed out and 50% of the servers that worked were laggy and the rest were okay.
Took me literally 3 hours of constantly switching servers (and some pauses in between which I didn’t calculate in to this 3 hours) before I found some decent hosts. And after that it was still… meh

And then there’s the 8 year olds with mics placed 2 meters away and with 18 mill dmg shields…

Or are there just no players in Western Europe on a saturday afternoon?
(Stable Cable connection btw, and I live within 2 miles of my ISP’s hub thingy)

Or do I have to change some settings to get it to work properly?

I bought this game on PS3 because it went on sale. I hadn’t noticed that Gamespy had went offline about 3 days before the sale though (I hate Sony some times).
Especially after a 10 month wait you hope for something a little better then this…

(Grozasergiualin) #49

I want to play borderlands 1 on ps3 with anyone. I have all the dlc’s and all characters maxxed out. My PSN is Sergiu2000 message me .

(Ps Webb) #50

This server issue still seems to be troublesome.
I’m playing off-line, as there’s nothing worse than your game ending as you are signed out of PSN, and losing some good gear you just found because it didn’t save.