Borderlands PS4 not letting me update

The game gives me a screen that ask if I want an update and I click yes and go to the main menu. But then there nothing is updating. What is going on? Why can’t I update my Borderlands 3

Same issues since release.

Same exact issue I’m having. What’s going on???
Also my game crashes whenever I try to filter quests by location!!! Getting really old.

It’s letting you know that the hotfix is available but didn’t get applied when you first launched the game for your current session. You don’t need to do anything other than sit in the main menu for a little bit (1-2 mins tops).

Note that a hotfix is different from an actual title update - that, you should get a system notification from your PS4 (or it should auto-download if you have that option set).

How do I know if the hotfix got downloaded? I’ve sat in the main menu for minutes on end multiple times and still nothing.

There is unfortunately no indicator in-game (yet) other than if you can see certain stats changed due to the hotfix. It should be pretty much automatic, and pretty quick as long as you have a decent internet connection. I believe GBX is looking in to providing some sort of in-game indicator down the road, but they other things they need to take care of first.

Is anyone having the issue where they cant download the bloody harvest update on PS4?
I have checked for updates and it says I have the latest installed but the only one I have Installed is the 10/3 update

From what’s been posted in the thread about the update, so far it seems to only have rolled out on XBox/N.America. My guess is it will start rolling out everywhere else some time today. “By 3 pm Pacific” seems to be the current standard for these things. Right now it’s only ~5 am PDT.

Thank you :slight_smile: