Borderlands Remaster/VR Port and B2 Coop PSVR Thoughts

(Kyle) #1

Now that we are getting Borderlands 2 on PSVR this December and it was revealed to include no multiplayer it got me thinking a bit. Personally I actually recommend that everyone play all the Borderlands games solo at least once. That’s how I started playing them and I probably have more solo hours than coop still at this point. My first playthrough of each new game is usually a solo one. That being said I still think its a tragedy that it won’t be coming with coop but it got me thinking about why that is…

The only reason I can think of for not including coop in a game like this is that the PS4 system simply wouldn’t be able to handle it in VR. (Maybe a dev can chime in on that one.) Which I could definitely see since 4 people launching grenades and fighting huge baddies all at once can be quite taxing on the frames sometimes.

However. Myself and quite a few others have been hoping for a Borderlands remaster for some time now. And considering how the game is much older than B2, and when you consider what a remaster for current gen would probably look like. (The same as the Handsome Collection ie: 60fps, 1080p, increased draw distance, larger FOV, increased details, particles, etc…) I have a feeling if Borderlands were to be ported to PS4 with optional VR mode included, I think it might be able to handle coop whereas Borderlands 2 cannot. The game is definitely a lot easier to run than its sequels, PC players will probably have experience with that.

Thoughts? A Borderlands remaster with VR mode included would be a dream come true for me.

(Isthiswill) #2

I have a feeling a Borderlands remaster might be further down the Gearbox checklist, and the further it is, the more likely the game moves from being a port to a full on remake with a new engine along with any other updates (adding dialogue to all missions and updating voice actors where needed, Roland, Mordecai).

Since the plot synopsis floating around for the film is loosely adapted from Borderlands I woulr expect the rerelease of some version of BL1 to coincide, akin to what happened with Ratchet & Clank.

That they skipped right over it ( I’m sure PS4 VR needed a boost to their library and BL2’s sales figures are hard to argue with ) signals that if they plan on revisiting BL1 there needs to be a major incentive in doing so, and an opportunity to maximize profitability.

So do they let BL1 skip this generation of consoles? Do they release some version of it after BL3 reaches the tail end of its development cycle? Do they stage it to come out along side the film?

I honestly don’t expect it any time soon given they have the VR property, and have set it up where they can stagger out the release of DLC up until BL3 comes out if they like, and even TPS since it was also a part of the Handsome Collection, which was their catalyst for doing the BL2 VR.

(Kyle) #3

Now that you mention it, if they are still moving ahead with the Borderlands film then releasing the original remastered along with it would make sense. I’d still prefer it sooner rather than later though ha ha.

From what I’ve heard the Borderlands 2 VR is just the base game. Maybe they’ll stagger the DLC as free updates out into mid/late 2019 while waiting for Borderlands 3, that’d probably make sense.

Edit: If they do make a remaster down the line I personally still don’t want it to have completely new graphics as I like the look and style of the original game, I’m just looking for the same improvements they made to B2 and TPS in the Handsome Collection (1080p, increased draw distanmce, 60fps, etc…) I think redoing the game would make it lose some of its identity.

(Is this thing on?) #4

It is. Details over here: