Borderlands Remastered Loot Fixes/Bug Catalogue

So we’ve had the wishlist of bugged gear that’s needed to be fixed. Reaper not doing it’s bonus melee damage, the Vengeance’s shield bypass, various naming bugs(Executioner, Plague, Penetrator), etc.

This thread is to catalogue all the changes/fixes found in the Remaster/GOTY Enhanced of Borderlands.
If you experience a bug or similar strange experience, don’t forget to log a support ticket to GBX Support. They can’t fix what they don’t know about, right?

Broken Gun Effects

Reaper melee damage- FIXED

Bitch critical bonus-

Executioner “Invader”- NOT FIXED

Plague “Crux”- NOT FIXED

Draco naming/rarity- FIXED

Vengeance shield bypass glitch- FIXED

Penetrator rarity- FIXED

Clipper melee bonus- FIXED

Broken Item Effects

Hunter COM skill cooldown-

Ranger COM accuracy recovery bonus(might be too difficult to test)-

Tank COM recharge rate-

Peace Keeper recharge rate-

Find Rare Items, does it do something?-

Scavenge Extra Items, is it more consistent?-

Strange Skill Stuff

Brick’s Rapid Reload increasing recoil- FIXED, now decreases kick as intended

Brick’s Unbreakable won’t activate while Berserk is active- NOT FIXED

Lilith’s Phoenix reload/ammo consumption strangeness- NOT FIXED

Keep Your Insides Inside quest issues- This can be imported in from old saves, AND it can still pass fro one player to another.
Rocket Launcher/Carnage/Explosive damage splash damage being absorbed by terrain-

Assault Shotguns, can they spawn as Incendiary?-

The Tsunami may have been bugged in OG BL1, regarding techpool size or regeneration. Essentially, we’re looking to see if it’s actually a quality elemental weapon now-

General Adjustments

Reports of Rocket Launchers getting a hefty damage buff.(screenshots @stouty22) This may be a workaround to the terrain problems, or a simple straight buff to launchers across the board.

The Undertaker’s RoF has been cut in half. Damage increased like other Launchers.

Wee Wee’s Super Booster now displays the health bonuses it provides.

Entirely New Weirdness

Save Import Items Disappearing- When importing a save from OG BL1, select weapons have disappeared from the imported file when opened in the Remaster.
Affected weapons so far include; The Leviathan, Patton, The Blister, The Dove, The Sentinel, and The Spy.
Pearlescents: Bessie, Avenger.
Also affects Ajax Spears, that includes your Ajax Ogre. Some work, some don’t.


Multiplayer gear disappearing or morphing into different gear- Some uniques will delete themselves or morph into generic weapons when joining a multiplayer game. If equipped when joining a game, items have disappeared. When items are dropped or equipped after joining, they have changed into generic items(Level 0, no material or unique parts, etc.)
Affected items- Ironclad shield, Specialist Loyalty COM, Chopper support machine gun.

The new Gearbox legendary guns do not benefit from Class Mods that would normally provide them weapon-class specific ammo regeneration. E.G. the Suckerpunch will not regenerate repeater ammo when it is equipped alongside a ammo regen Gunslinger COM. These weapons still regenerate ammo from Roland’s Support Gunner COM.

I’m now pulling a fair amount of info from @MeltintheSun’s If We Could Have it All thread. Once things have died down and this info has become more widespread, I wouldn’t mind having this thread folded into that one. For now, I thought it’d be good to have this be visible.


What inspired me to set this thread up.


@Stouty22 Just found a fresh Reaper.

normal melee

reaper melee!

Oh, and stouty said to tag kitty


I can confirm some:

-Vengeance shield bypass applying to all other weapons is fixed.
-Penetrator is now given proper rarity
-Draco is proper rarity and has it’s name fixed (but the name fix does not apply retroactively to any weapons on imported saves).
-Executioner and Plague have not been fixed.

I tried testing to see if the Bitch’s critical bonus was still bugged, but the only one I have is with a double accessory, which is not good for testing.

Other problems for your list, bill:
-Ground collision data would eat the splash damage of rockets, whether from launchers or shotguns. Yeah, not a problem with the loot itself, but it still made those weapons worthless.
-@MidnightNova said something to me about the Tsunami having a bugged tech pool, but I’m not sure how. Hopefully she can post in here and explain it in more detail.
-Also according to her, one prefix on shotguns was bugged to never appear. Again, hopefully she can explain in greater detail.


The Reaper is supposed to health steal too. Does it…?


Yeah, it worked in the old BL1 too. Wasn’t sure so I tested it with the help of @Kurtdawg13 and it certainly heals you.


The Clipper’s melee bonus now works as intended.

Also, Brick’s speed glitch is still around.


If I remembr it right, the Tsunami doesn’t receive a boost to its techpool. But I could be horribly wrong, and it could be tech generation instead…

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This is just the thread I was hoping to find when I came back. And immediately I see that the Reaper works properly. Time to get that Lethal Strike going. SCHWING!


My undertakers now do a LOT more damage, just slower fire rates.


This is not true. All my Pene’s are of proper rarity color now. still in my backpack. It is retroactively applied. :blush:

And the Wee Wee Super Booster shield now displays the invisible stats.

About the missing Bessie’s…
So far, I’ve determined the missing Bessie’s might have something to do with the new top dawg sniper that is Gearbox manfactured. I can’t remember the name, but it has 800% crit damage on the weapon card. Its strange the my DVL bodied Bessies were removed, but I still have my VVR Bodied Bessie. I have yet to confirm if GGN is still present, as that is with my Roland and I haven’t fired him up yet.

What this might amount too, is the Damage calculation being too high for DVL Bessies. I think they are gone to not break the game. That’s my hunch, unless we get them back in a patch release.


Yes, the rarity fix applies, but the name fix for the Draco does not. My old Dracos do have orange rarity now, but they’re still called Glorious Machines or whatever.


I have yet to check this. But I am very suspicious and think you’re right.

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I will have to check later if both of my Bessies will make it through the transfer alive. But if the issue is related to the body, I think there’s a flaw in the sanity check instead. I certainely do not want to shoot down your findings, but I can’t see why a completely unrelated rifle (with possibly pure fixed parts), can break the Bessie.


Thanks bill! I was going to start this thread tomorrow if it wasn’t here yet. Anybody tried COMs?



Here’s the thread of fixes.


My GGN died in transit, just for the record. :slight_smile:


its not that it breaks the bessie, its that the Bessie with the right parts and the 500% buff to crit damage could put that thing over the top Damage-wise. My DVL Bessie Damage was 1479 or 1462 can’t remember exactly, but those two in the 1400’s didn’t come over on the import. But my VVR bodies Bessie with a little over 1k damage did make it over. Thus, giving the impression that the higher damage Bessie’s were removed. This is just my hunch, however.


Break was the wrong word to pick, should’ve said delete.
I can’t see myself disagreeing here however.


I disagree. “break” is a term used with something is so overpowered, it makes the game too easy. It “breaks” the game. it’s used quite often in this forum as well. So, you must be misinterpretting what I’m posting. I use the word “break” as a term of “overpowered weapon too strong for legit game play”

ex: Sal with his RL/Pimp combo. That “breaks” the game. So, I hope that clears up my post(s). :innocent:

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