Borderlands Remastered PS4

Why is there such a shortage on the CD base side? Within couple hours of Gamestop opening it sold out. They had xbox ones but not ps4. Another thing is I can get digital but can I transfer the game thru usb stick? If not when will Physcial copys be available?

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My gamestop told me they were only getting a handful and they’d order more if it went well. My walmart didn’t even know if they’d get any copies which is pretty disappointing because I wanted a hard copy as well. My guess would be that since the game is so old they didn’t feel confident enough to order loads of discs until later.

I never finished the game on 360 because I had rrod then the cd problem. I always thought it was a great game minus the pick up loot thing. Always loved the challenges and how the weapon had proficenys. My gamestop told me that they were not sure if they were getting more to check back . This to me sounds like a gearbox issue

Distribution and sales is up to 2K, who have the marketing rights for the Borderlands franchise, so the size of the production run for physical copies would be in their hands.

That said, I suspect that limited physical media releases are going to be harder and harder to find. There really is a strong push to digital-distribution only - GameStop US recently announced their worst financial quarter ever in large part because of this. I suspect the only reason any physical copies are still being produced is because there are places that simply don’t have good enough internet for digital purchases.

I’ve read somewhere that physical copy is a Gamestop exclusive, so Walmart won’t have it.

I dont mind digitial but unless there is a law telling companys to give their soon to be customers internet thats decent then I dont see all digital will work. I live in the city but its basically farm rights under a grandfather claus and the city wont let anyone run lines to the house so I can barley get dsl which is 3mb download. On top of that we need new phone line run because its so old its fallen apart acording to a tech.Well we cant even get that. So tell me when people have kids and they play games how can they if its all digital and they cannot get internet. Its almost 2020. This is a poor excuse on 2k or gear box side.

I understand, but it’s not just 2K that are moving in this direction. And it’s not just games that this is affecting either. It’s one of the reasons the current leadership of the FCC gets my goat - they don’t get that there are still plenty of folks in the US who can’t get the same level of connectivity they take for granted, and they seem to ignore or downplay any evidence about that. Sorry, I’m ranting.

All I can say is, make a point of asking. Right now, that means letting 2K know that you need a physical disk (and not a cardboard box with a download code). There’s still 5 months to launch, so there’s still time for them to make more copies available. I’d also bug your local game store if possible, and see if they can at least place an order for you (rather than waiting to see if they get more stock.)

I prefer a physical copy not etherware that ties up my internet for hours in the download. (though I have been know to DL a Plus offering or three…)