Borderlands remastered version is not displaying?

When i launched steam an hour ago the update for borderlands 1 registered and installed but once i launched my game there was no bonus options at all. No FOV slider, no mini map, nothing just the regular play through for Borderlands 1 GOTY edition.

Did i miss something ?

Help is greatly appreciated =)

It’s a separate game. Make sure you’re launching the correct version.


Mine just dropped. It’s a 12gb download.

Ah that would be the reason ty kind sirs and ladies (nods)

One other quick query if i may, do i need to keep the original GOTY version installed for the remastered version to function and or install ? Or may i remove it once i have the remastered version installed ?

Again ty for your time and the help =)

up to you, though I’d grab my saves jic

You can always just move the other off to a backup drive. Grab your saves either way as @Poisonedbite said though!

will report back if saves have transferred or not.

Hmm ty you both for the prompt informative and timely replies.

Interestingly steam has some functionality that saves all that for me shrugs i have unistalled that game on more than 3 different systems and my saves are always there when i re-install it ?

don’t know if they’ll auto appear in the new game though :stuck_out_tongue:

ohhhhhhhhhh i got you facepalm my comprehension was lacking for the moment heh OFFF =)

P.S. i know off topic sorry i had to add this, “These FORUMS are amazing” i LOVE them, flat out love them. (Nods, grins and scurries off to play some remastered BL1)

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Welp. idk. since it’s not running for me.

I’m downloading the enhancement now, I’ll let you know how I get on.

Note that it is displayed in your library as a separate game, Borderlands GOTY Enhanced


No I mean with steam proton, on linux, it won’t open at all. it says running, then sys* (cut off) then fails. No error. I moved the entire folder to steam on windows, but I’m disappointed. Though I’m sure steam will fix it within a few days, since it’s on their plugin, not bl1.

Sorry, I forgot you were a Linuxer.

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Someone on Reddit (of course) figured it out :smiley:

Do you think this should have it’s own thread or something?

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No, post in the existing threads where people are having problems, Ta.