Borderlands Remastered

What would people like to see in a Borderlands Remastered? Personally all I want is smooth 60fps, 1080p, and some glitches fixed. Since I think Borderlands is the best of the 3 games I don’t think a graphical update to match B2 and TPS would be good as it would lose its identity. I like everything in Borderlands 1 including the graphics, guns, and the fact that there is no mini map, more challenging! I say don’t change anything. Any thoughts on this?


All they did for BL2 was a direct port w/ better frame rate. People have been hoping that they would fix and/or rebalance stuff in BL2, but they didn’t. I doubt they would fix bugs that BL1 had.

Just make it pretty, fix rocket launchers, and I’d be happy.

What would I want? Fixed stuff and things and sharpened graphics. That’s it. I don’t think a touch up to the graphics would harm the overall feeling we love from that game.

However, I don’t need any of those things. I’d be perfectly happy with just a port to the new consoles and that’s it.


Yeah, I’d just like all the bugged weapons fixed and that’s it. Imagine the Bitch with a working crit bonus, or a Reaper with a working melee bonus, or a Draco that is actually called a Draco.

Now that I think about it, would fixing Blood’s AI to be less derpy take feeling away from Mordecai?


Kind of actually, yea. But, it’s not something I’d say no to.
Blood getting stuck on the terrain is annoying, but easily avoided so long as you watch what you’re doing.
What annoys me though is when you throw him out and dosnt hit a thing despite looking at the enemy and being close enough to detect them. And even though a quick recall remedies it, I’d rather that just not happen at all.

And maybe a fix so that Bloodwing will attack one enemy more than once if Bird Of Prey is specced into. As it is now, if there is just one enemy on the field, he will only attack once. That’s always peeved me. Granted, I don’t know if that’s a bug…


Yeah, 1080p and 60fps would be great.

As well as all the annoying bugs, Draco, Plauge, Executioner and Penetrators name/colour glitchs. Bitch and Reapers broken speacial effects, and all those COMs that do the opposite of what they’re meant to (which would be a simple fix of adding or removing a “-” in some cases).

I’d also like the Chico Amigo and Athena’s Wisdom added to someone’s loot pool so they can be properly farmed. And make King Wee Wee respawn to.


Same here. I just want BL1 on my PS4.


Hi guys, I know I’m late to the party and information is probably somewhere (not sure where tho) but is this actually happening? Is BL1 being remastered for current gen? I’ve heard rumours but never seen anything official.

Apologies in advance for my ignorance/laziness

Those rumors about it, which a lot of us were excited about, ended up being about the BL2 and TPS remaster. (Talk about a shot to the heart that day I realized this)

But there is still hope. Mr.Pitchford was quoted at PAX saying if the Handsome Collection sells well, they may consider a remaster for Borderlands 1.
So lets all hope it sells well.


Thanks for the information. We can only hope it happens I guess but it would be amazing! Both BL1&2 are the best games I’ve played in the last 10 years in my opinion. The replay value is amazing. I’ve never played any other game(s) for so long and still not bored.

Using one of these only to figure out that they did less than 1/10 of the cards damage was heartbreaking.
Shame that Carnages are useless, since I have several of those that I like to keep around.

Whats wrong with Rocket launchers?

I know they’re kinda weird compared to other games, but I kinda liked it that way. In Bl2/TPS they feel like “speacial use only” weapons, wheras in Bl1 they felt balanced around being just another everyday weapon type.

Terrain eats the splash damage, which results in huge damage loss.

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Yeah, that does suck.

When using Launchers I’ve made a habit of jumping then firing, to make the rocket land on top of them.

Shame that that tactic doesn’t exactly work for the Jackal…

Now that BL2 and BLtps remastered are gold, a Borderlands 1 remastered wil come!! as promised!! :confused:

1080p 60fps! fixxed guns, Draco, Reaper, The Plague and the penetrator.

Maybe some homing granates :slight_smile:

I don’t ever remember anything about promised…ever

just the ability to retire my 360 would make me really really’s old and tired and bl is the last game I still play on it.

What is this blasphemy