Borderlands Save issue

I downloaded a month ago the Borderlands Remastered for test the changes,because i played the original ages ago. Cuz i liked the content, i decided to buy a physical edition. But now i cant continue the game with my pshysical edition, only start again from the scratch. Can anyone say me why?

Disk is for different region than your digital game (and save).

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Maybe it can be. I bought digital from EU store, but i bought physical from amazon, from a distributor called Rare Waves USA… Anyway,when i come home, i’ll check. Thx for the response

I live in the US and have done business with them. They are an importer here that provides releases from other countries. Seller Profile: RAREWAVES-IMPORTS

Here’s their actual site and on the listings sometime they indicate the country of origin Search Results —

I don’t see the Borderlands GOTY Enhanced as a physical release, so there is a chance the version you purchased was the original Borderlands release, which is actually a different game installation that the digital version, so you would need to copy your saves from the Digital game’s save folder to the save location for the older physical copy. On PC that’s not very hard to do. I can’t speak for doing so on Playstation.

Sorry, but i dont get you. I have the physical release for PS4, not the one for PS3. Is that the edition that u are saying? Or i am missing something? I have this one

Check the copyright date of the game. I am saying the game you bought is an old copy of the original game. The Remaster is known as the Enhanced Version, and is a different installation of the game, in effect a completely different game. Because of that the saves for that game are newer, and not associated with the old physical game.

The new game will let you import saves from the old game, but as far as I know, the process for importing the new saves to this old physical version with the older game .exe file might take a specified method I am unaware of.

I play on PC and we can simply copy the raw save file from one folder associated with the newer version of the game to the older game’s save folder.

Here are some instructions for a related process that I’ve modified that may work for you:


  • Plug your USB drive into the PS4.

  • Go into Settings > Application Saved Data Management > Saved Data in System Storage > Copy to USB Storage Device > Borderlands GOTY Edition: Enhanced.

  • Select the game save files you want to modify and copy them to your device.

  • Back out to the home screen and take out your USB drive.

  • Plug your USB drive into your computer and open Save Wizard. Your games should pop up on Save Wizard pretty quickly.

  • Double click the title of the game, and right-click on the save file you want to adjust.

  • Click on Register Profile, and register your PSN ID. This is just for changing files across PSN accounts, so you don’t need to do anything other than add a name you will remember is linked to your PSN ID number.

  • Once your profile is registered, go back and right click on the save file again.

  • Click Advanced Mode.

  • You will get a pop up with the game file data. In the top right corner, the second icon from the right says “Export to file”. Click on that.

  • Go back through Settings > Application Saved Data Management, but this time go into Saved Data on USB Storage Device.

  • Go into Copy to System Storage > Borderlands GOTY Edition> Select the save file you want to overwrite. If your file says “Corrupted” DO NOT SAVE IT!! You will need to go back to your PC and make sure the file has been properly changed back to a PS4 save file.

  • If the file looks good (has the game picture on the file, etc.) then overwrite your System Storage with your USB save.

  • Back out to Home Screen and unplug your USB drive.

  • Test the file out in-game. If it looks good, then SUCCESS!! If nothing is different you might not have saved your file changes, or you imported the wrong file.

Wait. Are u saying there was two releases on PS4? And the one i got was only a port from the PS3? When i come home i’ll check, but i’m confused. I have the version with the minimap and the chest which only opens with gold keys, features i assumed was in the enhanced edition, but maybe im wrong. Anyway,thx for the help

From the looks of things the physical version for PS4 of Borderlands GOTY was not released until September 2019, and they didn’t included the “Enhanced” Branding on it. So it shouldn’t be a different version of the game if the one you installed on your HD was also the Enhanced GOTY, but it looks like your PS4 doesn’t believe they are the same game, and it’s possible they are different Versions of the game. I’m not sure if you can check the version ID of your game in the PS4, but that would also be an indicator.

Did the DVD version of the game run any updates and sync to your shift account? Is the digital version backing up your game files to the cloud?

… Im thinking something…and maybe im a little ■■■■■■. I can log in shift and can transfer a character. I have no problem with the features. The problem here i think is, because i thought of buying the physical edition instead of the digital, i returned my digital edition before gaining access to the physical edition. That possibly blocked my saves. Something similar happened when my psplus subscription ended, and couldnt retrieved the saves for Gravity Rush 2… I need to investigate more

The upload/download to transfer BL1 saves between the original and remastered versions does require PS+ or whatever they have now IIRC, same as redeeming SHIFT keys. It’s something Sony changed from their original policy from the PS3 era.


Okay, it may be a bit confusing, so i have to clarify. I bought a PS4 DIGITAL copy, and nos i have a PS4 PHYSICAL copy. In both versions i can log onto Shift, transfer characters, all. My only problem is i can’t use my PS4 DIGITAL save on my PS4 PHYSICAL copy. But now im thinking my saves are locked because i havent access anymore to the PS4 Digital copy. Maybe now is more clear

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Save is not working cause it’s from different region. Your digital version is EU, and physical is US. In my first post it wasn’t a guess or some other unsure idea.
There is only one versions of BL1 on PS4 and it’s called GOTY (Enhanced).

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Yea, but the other answers were confusing me. Anyway, i have the issue solved, and here is why:

Different regions. What is strange for me, because both have the same language (btw, in spanish, and not mexican, in spanish from Spain. That was my confusion)

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The PS4 version appears to have quite limited language options compared to, say, BL3. The US version store page doesn’t even list the available languages!

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Yea. Because of that, i was worried until my copy arrived.

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