Borderlands Science....Boosts Still Working with Mayhem 2.0?

Saw two videos…one before Mayhem 2.0 and one after release of Mayhem 2.0

Both on the Butt Stallion Loot Boost Milk
Worked totally fine Before Mayhem 2.0…absolutely does NOTHING after the release of Mayhem 2.0

Anybody know if this also applies to the other boosts such as thee Damage Boost?

Anybody have enough credits to buy a boost quick and check?

Borderlands Science seems like such a fun and useful addition. But if it’s currently not working we need to report it…

And I frankly don’t want to expend the time. (In the background I hear a voice whispering in my ear “Sam’s Story” from Metro Exodus)…

Honestly I never saw a noticeable difference from the start with the Butt Stallion Milk. I bought it a few times and then determined that it didn’t do anything.


Saw a vid where a gal tested it on several hundred runs and it made a difference but I never tried it and can’t say.

Any way I can trouble you to take a few shots at the range at M10 then go buy the Damage one and do a quick check??

No problem at all if you can’t or don’t want to.

I’m really not lazy and I just don’t want to waste time on this if the boosts don’t work.

I would if I had the points to buy one but I don’t. I don’t want to spend the time playing the game to get the points. Sorry man.

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Exactly…thanks anyway. Feel the same…why spend the effort…especially if the boosts don’t work.

I loved the “Moxxi Cocktails” in TPS and used them a LOT.

Was hoping for something similar…

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I also tried it and didn’t see enough of a difference for me to justify spending the time. I don’t mind the mini-game…it’s kind of fun but the amount of time you have to spend to get just the one loot buff is not remotely worthy of the time spent when it’s not even noticeable.

Another wasted opportunity because GB is so worried about people actually getting loot for some reason. Why not actually reward people for taking the time so they feel satisfaction for helping but also feel like the bonus actually did something?

If they wanted people to actually contribute…give a big enough boost to be worthwhile or at least make the minor boost easy enough to get with a couple games so it’s not some drawn out chore to do every session.

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Especially if it’s worth an excellent cause!!

Could NOT agree more…

It’s DIGITAL loot for crying out loud. GB is NOT selling this on ebay or at your neighborhood gun show…LOL

I am going to actually check at least the damage boost out…will report back.

XP boost is working all the time, so other will too.
In case of points, on higher levels you get thousands of points, I had around 150k when I finished all eight levels, now I have around 260k.

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I just bought the damage boost…10%

Without I was getting 38K on a body shot with an Unseen threat.

with the Boost…41K

So the way BL3 rounds down…that makes perfect sense…

10% Damage boost seems to work just fine.

Played about an hour and got to Ellie…simple enough and I think I will go for the max. Thanks!

So in one post you say “why spend the effort?” And then in another you say “it’s an excellent cause!!”. You just answered your own damn question. :roll_eyes: If you didn’t believe in the cause, that’s one thing. But if you think the cause is excellent, but still flat out refuse to participate unless the rewards are bigger then…well…I’m not sure what to say.

Honestly I don’t see the problem with getting enough points. You get more points than you’re likely to ever use in next to no time. I have 113k, which is enough to buy 75 hours’ worth of Butt Stallion milk, or enough to get 450+ hours’ worth of the XP upgrade, which is my personal choice (still working towards the last new guardian perk).

Looking at it purely in terms of numbers, if play BL3 for another 400 hours, I will have received 100 hours’ worth of free XP. And you can bet I haven’t spent 100 hours playing Borderlands Science to get that! So it’s definitely worth the time investment, at least for the XP boost.

It’s a fun little puzzle game in its own right, it helps science, and you might even contribute to defeating covid-19 (the organisation behind it is currently channeling all their research into covid…though I’m not sure how much the gut microbe data impacts that, if at all). Plus you earn cosmetic items, plus you get to hear lots of new dialogue from some of your favourite Borderlands characters. I really don’t see what’s not to like.

Though I see in your most recent post that you’ve warmed to it a bit now :+1:

Loot boost seems to be bugged on mayhem 2.0

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Or maybe it rounded up: 37500 (38K) × 1.1 = 41250 (41K)

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Probably…remember you ARE talking to an ex infantryman…

Only math I ever really worried about was total number of knuckleheads, and whether we had enough numbers of beans, blankets and bullets…

Never worried about grenades…you NEVER had enough regardless of the number they passed out.

I think a few videos have pointed out it does not do anything at higher mayhem levels. Luck also does not do anything. Honestly id be nice to reroll my gaurdian tokens

No…the 10% boost DOES apply…I tested at Mayhem 10

But that’s the ONLY one I can verify and I heard a lot of folks have said the Loot boost is hosed in mayhem.

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This pretty much sums it up what to expect

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And that would be? Maybe you could sum it up. I’m here to read, not to watch.

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some say it boost anointed drops (but those who tested it is before m2.0). in zkarma test, he killed giga and agonizer 200 times, 100 with and 100 without loot boost. he also did traunt 400 times, 200 with and without.

his conclusion is the difference in drop rates is negligible and within the + - error margin. so maybe m2.0 might have broke the loot boost since many confirms that it works pre m2.0

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Define “Boost”…

(Remember, 5% or even 10% of a very small number is just a slightly larger very small number.)

And interesting observation I’ve noticed. I used the Butt Stallion Milk booster on my Mayhem 1 Zane, it didn’t seem to do anything much at all. If anything, from my relatively few (definitely not more than 100 total) Proving Grounds runs during Loot the Universe, it seems as if I got fewer legendaries when the booster was on.

However, I’ve tried using the booster during my new FL4K playthrough, and it definitely does seem to be making a difference! In every chest I’ve opened while the booster was active, I’ve gotten at least one purple (even from those white bandit chests everybody hates), and no less than four legendaries. I’ve had at least one legendary drop from every boss since Gigamind (except Warden, who I just defeated, but the booster ran out by the time I got to him), and even got three legendaries from Katagawa Ball and another three from Katagawa.

It would be very fascinating, albeit somewhat difficult, to test if it works on a character not fully leveled, and somehow stops working, breaks, or even works opposite as intended once you’re fully leveled or put on Mayhem.