Borderlands Science....Boosts Still Working with Mayhem 2.0?

I’m not sure what people are complaining about as far as time taken. In about 3-4 hours of casual play I got to Tannis level without ever feeling like I put in a lot of effort. I wound up with nearly 90k coins which should give me ~60 hours worth of Butt Stallion milk.
What’s the problem? I assume the buff works(?) and it’s not really strictly necessary, and maybe even “Worthless”. But the puzzle game itself is very easy and if you have nothing else to do… Do you want Gearbox to just hand you Legendaries for finishing a puzzle? It would ruin your game before you even played it. That’s the logical conclusion for asking for more points per puzzle or whatever.

I can only tell you two things…the other buffs I have not tested or researched.

Butt Stallion Milk no longer affects anything with Mayhem 2.0 M10 unless it has been patched in this latest patch. It may possibly still work with some affect at lower mayhem levels but it definitely does not do anything at Mayhem 10.

10% Base Damage buff works fine.