Borderlands Series: I'd like more lore about S&S's disappearance!

If there’s one thing I’m more curious about than anything else in the Borderlands series as a whole, it’s what went down with S&S Munitions between the events of Borderlands 1 and Pre-Sequel/2.

We know the very basics of what happened - it’s heavily implied by the presence of Bandit and Scav weaponry that they were probably chased off the planet and its moon by Bandits and Scavs. Sure thing, I’m cool with that. I miss the company but if I ever want my yellow-and-black guns, that’s what playing the first game is for!

However, I’m a bit sad at the complete lack of logs or hints regarding their sudden disappearance from Pandora (and Elpis), and I’m sort of hoping that in the next Borderlands game we might learn more about what happened to them, and what sort of repercussions this had - whether there’s still former S&S employees stranded on Pandora (Much like how Atlas abandoned the Crimson Lance), stuff like that.

Even if I never get to hold an S&S Munitions gun again, I’d love to get some closure with them in the form of ECHO logs or other story snippets!


Bandits putting S&S Munitions out of business was just a cover story. Scuttlebutt says that Marcus (of Marcus Munitions) attempted to purchase S&S Munitions outright, but his offer was rejected. Given how Marcus handles customers requesting refunds…well let’s just say that S&S Munitions should have accepted Marcus’ offer and leave it at that…

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Now I want BL3 to have Marcus as a manufacturer, supplying very slightly overpriced guns during the war. specialized scopes, for extra distance killings. doesn’t make assault rifles or smg’s.

I’d rather have that handwaved and see S&S return.

Neither Bandit or Scav can do my favorite manufacture justice.

Nah man, I don’t want anything handwaved. Even if S&S returns, I still want some story about what they were doing during BLPS and BL2!

Granted, this is maybe in part because I’ve been coming up with some ideas for a Borderlands fan-character thanks to Tales From The Borderlands, and I’d love to use “Disgruntled former S&S employee who got abandoned on Pandora after the company’s disappearance” as a story hook, haha.

I just want some sort of word from the devs or in-game about what went down, and what’s going to happen with them next!

Inb4 rebranded bandit weapons.

The problem is, from what I remember anyway, is that it was never explained in game. Just a dev telling as that Bandit took over the bussiness. S&S could’ve atleast been brought back in TPS or gett explained in that game.

I still don’t see how the bandits could go from happily purchasing weapons, to making their own and managing to force a(much better) manufacturer out of the market. It would have made more sense for S&S to stay in the game and for the bandit weapons to have a high chance of dropping with melee attachments and weird effects; like twisted and wave bullets.

That’s the point of me making this thread though - Even if they don’t come back in the next game (Of course I always hope they do but I’m not holding my breath for anything), I really want the devs/writers to touch on more of what happened to the company, and what happened to its employees when they pulled out.

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Fair enough, and I second the part about hoping on seeing them return.