Borderlands Show #2 Rundown?

Anyone who was able to watch the full episode care to share some of the topics discussed? Much appreciated by us who were unable to watch.

Excellent thanks!

Basically alot of talk about why the story is what it is and some in depth discussions about some other specific things like certain characters or side quests. Again mentioned about dedicated Loot Pools, Bank Space, balancing.

Takedown at Maliwan was shown off as already mentioned, there was a SHiFT Key given out for 4 new Spooky Surprise Heads, K9W3T-BJZ59-B9SHB-6B3JT-T9CFF.

Some mentions about Liliths whereabouts, upcoming DLC possiblilites. One character not currently in BL3 but was in BL2 is confirmed as upcoming DLC, Ava is confirmed to have her story expanded in upcoming DLC, not mentioned but has been confirmed previously, Fiona is confirmed as upcoming DLC appearance too.



Love the 4 player setting default takedowns. Yes, I will try them solo.

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Oh god yeah I will be soloing first time myself, I don’t care how hard it is I accept the challenge.

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randy answered probably the most asked question about the pre sequel ending if it was ignored or not he said that this will not be in borderlands 3

Me too. I hope they’re not impossible, because the game needs some more difficult content for solo players too. I don’t like it at all when games force me to team up, but the peak wasn’t that hard, so I hope this won’t be impossible with like 50 launchers shooting at you all at once. But I’m confident it will be doable solo.

Yeah basically it will be answered in either a standalone game or Borderlands 4 basically, which lets be honest, they are already probably spitballing ideas around to start the groundwork on.

Can we NOT have a multiplayer setting for single player, unless we choose to take on it? I hated that ### in BL2. You exclude everyone who does not have a dedicated group and solo often does better than 4 uncoordinated randoms.


Forced multiplayer content in a game where players can dupe, save edit, and memory hack?

That’s a bold strategy Cotton, lets see if it pays off for 'em.

Yeah, I’m not touching this with a 10 foot pole without 3 friends (which I don’t have anymore because of Moze nerfs), and I’m annoyed that this is the direction they’re going.


I agree. That’s why i left destiny when bl3 came out. I’m afraid this game will be cut short if it keeps up. Not a fan of forced multiplayer at all.


Where there’s a will there’s a way. Lots of things I solod in the first division that was pretty mind blowing to most people. If you carefully craft a build and play it well I’m sure the content can be soloable. Of course you don’t HAVE to play on the hardest difficulty. If you want to solo it easily then play on normal with no modifiers. Need the good loot then team up and turn the difficulty to 11. This style of game like it or not is a multiplayer game so most of the content will be geared that way.

Or I could just quit, or play Destiny instead, which is a way more polished version of this type of gameplay. Players have a lot of options these days that don’t involve engaging with games and content that isn’t made for them.


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I understand the folks saying they aren’t interested in multiplayer content, honestly I do. But the takedown, it’s free content upgrade. Think of it from a developers position - if you cater to only one demographic you won’t retain nearly enough fans. Harder stuff has to come out, it’s not too force cooperation its to give the folks who consistently run circle of slaughter with their friends something to look forward to.

The ones that always play multiplayer, they’ll be asking the same thing when paid dlc campaign comes out - where’s the challenge? Story mode, proving grounds, even circle of slaughter pretty much caters to solo play… Let the takedowns be something that’s just not your thing there’s no problem with that.

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Yup that’s true. It’s a to each their own situation and referring back to my post about bl3 NOT being forced multiplayer… destiny 2 is a prime example of forced multiplayer. You can’t even do a raid without a group because of the pedistool “puzzle.” Personally for me that was frustrating enough to move on from the mere 50 hours or so invested.

And you know that… how? We don’t know anything about their content plans. How do we not know that all the future content drops aren’t just a bunch of new forced group content.

Glad I’m not on PC though! Based on just BL2, the number of griefers is going to be Epic.

But why bitch about something we don’t even have yet. It’s not forced multiplayer content either. It might be helpful to reread

It’s going to be tough there’s no doubt about it. But game devs are always surprised at what their fans can accomplish. If it’s hard then use it as motivation to craft a more focused build for this content. If it’s TOO hard then drop the difficulty. If you want better loot chances then team up and play it on a harder difficulty.

I’m OK with adding 4 plater content even though I don’t play co-op ever. And yes, I will try it, they said certain raid bosses in BL2 were 4 player only too and I’ve managed them.

Just happy to see a roadmap indicating lots of content coming, whether I use it all or not.

They didn’t have that in BL2.

You’re absolutely right, there needs to be content that’s appealing to those players for sure.

But what about enemy spawn scaling? I’m not a developer so correct me if I’m wrong on this, but besides a little extra time to balance the amount of spawns per player, wouldn’t it be pretty easy to just make it harder with more enemies per player you have in your team?