Borderlands Show #2 Rundown?

This is how the base game works already, so it’s more than feasible… However it’s not just about the number of enemies for a good multiplayer setting - and so far they’ve pretty much struck out on enemy difficulty scaling. They’ve had to resort to rocket spam or invulnerable phases - which eliminated the fun.

There’s nothing saying we can’t try to solo the content at all - just expect it to be more difficult at base because they have to do something better than what they’ve got for multiplayer fans so far you know?

This alone is kinda suspiciously suggesting that it cannot be soloed very easily, I am really hoping it can be though because I generally only solo games, I will play with randoms eventually though.


Yeah, for sure. I’m not too worried. I like a bit of challenge and the game is relatively easy at the moment. I’m looking forward to it for sure! The only true concern I have is about the amount of rockets we’ll get on screen. Sometimes I can’t see anything at all with 3 rocket launchers shooting at me. I can’t imagine what it would be like to get 4 players worth of rocket launcher enemies blurring my screen. :smiley:

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Why does it have to be easy to solo.? The fact that you can solo it in general should be good enough. There should be things in the game that are hard to solo, but just because it’s hard does not mean it’s not possible.

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I didn’t mean I wanted it to be easy, in the context it was more a case of the Developers are suggesting it is very if not almost impossible to solo which is fine as long as it is actually possible. If it is not possible then I guess it cuts all us solo players out of the game almost. Like I said I will play with randoms but prefer to solo games first than be forced to play it multiplayer.

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I do agree that games should give you the option to solo things, but in destiny’s case a lot of those raids are really fun tho and they probably wouldn’t be as fun if it weren’t for their awesome team play mechanics. Considering everything in borderlands games up to this point has been possible solo, then this should be as well.