Borderlands skins coming to Battleborn!

If Benedict isn’t bloodwing, they should make Marquis Mordecai and swap the robot owl with Bloodwing’s model.



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I had that same conversation in a discord channel

Could totally see a skin for Deande as Mad Moxxi
Or Oscar Mike as an Red Lance soldier and Whiskey Foxtrot as Steve the Bandit, and every time he scores a crit he yells Steve’s signature phrase.

You know it.


I don’t know why but I think Benedict would best fit A Scooter skin.

It’s the accent.


I’m very excited for this! Take my money Gearbox!


Hey look at that, they’re adding stuff to Battleborn? Wow… I guess I’m back. Been playing too much Overwatch. This’ll be a nice trip down memory lane. :slight_smile:

Edit: Can’t find a game, now in upset again.

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Only 2 skins that look good. The others look recolored and not much effort were put into it.


I bet a lot of ppl irl have a recolor of the same shirt but nobody says anything.

Once you have some knowledge you see the work put in some skins.


There’s only 2 that looks good. But kk.


Is that a fact or just Ur opinion?


I agree with him. The skins they showed us aren’t that cool and can’t appeal to a wide audience. Battleborn needs players to come back and these skins are only keeping the only ones left happy. It doesn’t matter though, it’s too late to repair. Sorry Gearbox. Hopefully the others are better. Yes it’s an opinion but yours is an opinion too so your point is invalid. Yes lots of people have the same shirt recolored a little… you shouldn’t bet people do… because they do. Bad comparison. Also this is a game with a much smaller amount of people then the amount of people wearing shirts. Of corse people don’t notice duh… whatever… Taking out my frustration because Gearbox should’ve been releasing this stuff slowly while they still had a player base but… oh well!

Edit: Still giving my money to Blizzard sadly. :sob:

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Too bad the game already died and isn’t even playable without waiting for 1hr and 20 minutes at a time. FACT :sweat:

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Its a shame we couldn’t have predicted this… Right? I mean, its not like we have been telling GBX this news every week and not a Good Job!! I am so happy with the news!

BB has died for a plethora of reasons, but if this update brings the balance changes we need, no Deserve, then it might make the game more fun than a CC stun meta. (Hopefully it brings more of the Melka Changes we where promised too)

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Hey Guys, this thing got out of control on my Twitter. @Horizion_StarZ and i started talking about those Borderlands skins for Battleborn. Oscar Mike could potentially have a Crimson Lance skin. Which resulted into StarZ drawing the logo and concept art, which resulted in me actually re-skinning the Oscar Mike render in those colors. I hope you guys also like this crazy outburst.


I’d buy the sh*t out of that, as Oscar Mike is my fourth main!

Maybe suggest a Vladof Toby wearing a ushanka hat, and piloting a mech made of scrapped tank parts…? “Aww… You can lead my revolution, comrade!”

Shrugs with a shameless smirk.

Just super sayian…


With vladof im thinking of mini guns, so montanaaaaaaa!!!


Damn it, that actually makes some sense…

WELL, I STAND BY MY IDEA, BECAUSE I WANT IT MORE!! Selfish? Yes. Arguably inferior to yours? Yes.

I forgot where i was going with this…

Walks off with a thoughtful expression.


That Crimson Mike looks sexy af, @MentalMars you and the other dude/dudette did great.