Borderlands Soundtracks pulled from Spotify?

(H0PE) #1

Can anyone tell us officially why BL, BL2, BL-TPS related -ALL!- albums been pulled from Spotify officially?

I’ve asked Randy on twitter, obviously he won’t reply to me, I’m a nobody.
An official statement still would be good, honestly one of the biggest reason I’m using Spotify is the BL mucis, I’m not exaggerating!

Tried google, tried reddit, so far I got no clue what happened.
Appreciate all answers, thanks!

(Is this thing on?) #2

Moved you to a more appropriate location, since this is not directly related to one game.

I’ll also page @Noelle_GBX to see if she knows anything. My guess, though, would be an issue with streaming rights, since the music comes from various sources and publishers.

(H0PE) #3

Thanks for the help!

(H0PE) #4

Any update on this please?
Unfortunately I’ve deleted them from my favs since the music was not there.
I forgot to see who was the publisher, but I believe these were official publications, not someone else’s lists.

(XB1: Abattoirista) #5

I don’t know when this happened, but the Borderlands 2/DLC Soundtracks also seem to have vanished from the iTunes store.

(I just did a search on Spotify and they seem to be back on that, though.)

(Is this thing on?) #6

When I checked 2 days ago, the “Borderlands Themes” EP and Scarlett DLC soundtrack were the only ones listed in the store (for iTunes Canada). The original artist releases were still there though (Cage the Elephant, The Heavy.)

(H0PE) #7

All I see is non-official playlists that people uploaded/created.
Tales of the Borderlands music is there officially.
But not Borderlands official soundtrack albums.

If you check Jesper Kid’s page, you see a lot of music what he done but not one BL soundtrack albums.

VERY weird!

(XB1: Abattoirista) #8

Weirdly enough, as of a couple of hours ago at least on iTunes US you could find the first Borderlands game official soundtrack.

(H0PE) #9

On ITunes I can see Borderlands Soundtrack, Full album, released by Gearbox Software.

But nothing else.

(H0PE) #10

No digital purchase from BL official soundtracks on Amazon either.
Very strange.

(Mr_Matt) #11

Yeh I noticed this this weekend too… odd.