Borderlands style game centred in the battle born universe

Does this interest anyone else? I mean I know people have enjoyed the difference in game play and enjoy the arcade feel. But I just feel like this universe with its characters could make for a really cool game. I had made another thread which was more about battleborn campaign being made in this way. But what if it was a separate game? Like a spin off where you could really dive into the universe and customize your characters. As with borderlands I think they could do a really good job with it. Just wondering if anyone out there who played battleborn would be interested in a game like this. Of course there is the argument to be made why not just play borderlands. And simply put I find this universe could make a story in a borderlands style game just as appealing if not more. I would really like to get deeper into the universe in that manner.

Chances are slim because it is meant to be different. Just wondering what people think.

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Any game using a Borderlands style of play would interest me. Main issue I see here is that Gearbox is most likely assigning a significant portion of its resources towards Borderlands 3. This alone might make a Battleborn/Borderlands crossover a bit tough to picture.

Maybe they could farm it out like Borderlands the Presequel, but that was (for many of us) a disappointment compared to B1 & B2.

Right now, I am more anxious for B3 to show up, though if a Battleborn/Borderlands mixed game appeared, I would more than likely try it out.

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It’s completely hypothetical it probably won’t happen. I just wondered if the universe interested people enough to warrant it or if majority of people want the games to stay separate. I am all in for exploring the universe in a bl style.


Take the best from BL2 and the Butt Slams in Pre-Sequel, blend well with Battleborn and I’m all in.