Borderlands tattoo!


I’ve been thinking about getting a tattoo. I think the Vault symbol and a psycho would look great as a tattoo, but I really have no idea wether this is legal or not. That’s why I’m asking… is it okay for me to get a Borderlands tattoo? I don’t want to get sued or something :neutral_face:

(Not sure if I posted in the right section, this one seemed the most fitting to me. Sorry if it’s the wrong one.)


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Well, if you are not making profit of it in any way, then it is most definitely legal. Also, which country do you live in?

I live in germany.

Either way there is no way this is illegal, so you can definitely do it.

I have one. I’ve yet to be brought to court over it :stuck_out_tongue:

It is most certainly legal. There are thousands of Borderlands tattoos. Google will show you.

Post it when you get it!

There has been cases of people forced to remove limbs due to problems with copyrighted materials.

Very illegal, Gearbox will arrive at your doorstep with a knife and scalpel to remove the tattoo if you do not also have the legal disclaimers tattooed next to it. :sweat_smile:

[Obvious sarcasm is obvious]

But no, I’ve seen several people with game related tattoos. Including Borderlands.

Here it is.


That couldnt have come out any better. That is amazing!!

Sweet, sweet, ink.

Turned out pretty badass!