Borderlands Tattoos

Hey there,

I wanted to share my Borderlands tattoo.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong section, I’m not too familiar with the forums structure yet, used the search but couldn’t find a collective Borderlands Tattoo thread (only a general body art thread).
So if this is the wrong place or it isn’t allowed please feel free to move or delete the topic.

If it’s okay maybe this thread can be used for everyone to show their borderlands tattoos, I would love to see yours :blush:

As for mine, I wanted a Vault Symbol and something to represent my two favourite characters, so we got it surrounded by a buzzaxe and phaselock - as soon as I was home the rest of my arm looked too naked, so I made two new appointmens and we finished this last monday.

So here it is:


Looks great! Especially that krieg
How many days of work was this, if I might ask? Just the three appointments?


wow, you got a very talented artist to do that, the coloring is amazing

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Just those three, yes, we like to finish stuff :laughing: it was 4 to 5 hours work each.


Thanks. Yes, she really did well, I was a bit afraid cause she doesn’t know the games, but it turned out perfect. Very happy with it.