Borderlands: THC Issues

This will probably be a bit of a rant.

I do not really post or browse the forums but I feel the need to after all the issues me and my friends are having with the handsome collection.

First with borderlands 2 there is the awful screen tearing and the slow motion inventory and stores. These were the only issues I had but luckily I had played it on the Xbox 360 so I only played the headhunter packs and only got to level 20 or so.

Since I sold my 360 right away I never played the pre-sequel. I was mainly buying the handsome collection for this game but as of right now its unplayable. Me an my friends have had tons of issues. Besides the host nobody can ever access the place where you enter the shift codes in game. Another issue is that we have no sights when scoping in which also happens to everyone but the host. Sometimes when getting hit with cyro weapons we would walk in slow motion. I’m sure there are more but I forget them.

Anyway we dealt with all of these things even though we should not have too but we did because we like the game. But recently we got to level 54 and one of us started getting a message saying sending character data to the host. We had him host for a while and now we all get the error so unless we are playing solo we can not play. Now they are considering selling the game because as far as I know there have been no patches since launch and I cant say that I blame them.

After the update we are still getting the message about sending character data to the host and are unable to play. And now the slow motion inventory and stores are now also in the pre-sequel as well.

I’m in the same boat friend. I had all my hopes in the latest update but it did nothing to help with this problem, which seems to be a pretty common problem. Gearbox please fix.

Yeah it seems to happen to anyone pretty much above level 50.