Borderlands THC (TPS) game crashes (freezes) regularly

Hello everyone, I am playing Borderlands (again) this time on my PS4. I am having an issue with frequent crashes (the game freezes) on the level ‘Let’s Build a Robot Army’ on UVHM (Borderlands The Pre Sequel). It has only happened twice so far, but it then sends me way back in the mission and I literally have to fight my way (or run) through the same bunch of bad guys I just wiped out and it really is no fun. To be honest, because I have already played lots of Borderlands, this issue is making me reconsider if it is worth playing through again, as I never had any issues with game crashes on my PS3.

Is it just me with this issue? Has anybody else had this happen and if so is there a fix or something I could at least try? After not playing for a while, I was really starting to get back into it and enjoying UVHM, but if regular crashes are something I have to look forward to, I wonder if it’s worth it. I wouldn’t mind so much if it took me back to the last saved point, but it seems to throw me back about three or four save points. Anyway, thanks in advance.

Tried playing again tonight. Game crashed three time in 45 minutes. Game is unplayable. I don’t know if it is my PS4 (which is literally brand new) or the game or what it could be. Very disappointing. Game cost me $80 and it is unplayable.

Yep. Game is currently been unplayable for me. Crashes every time on the mission where I have to let the turrets kill the scavs. Then to add insult to injury, someone suggested uninstalling and then reinstalling, so when I went to reinstall, the game wanted to download the 9GB update AGAIN.

I have played the game so far without updating and it hasn’t crashed once. The update file is ready to install but I am to scared to install it, as I think there is something about the update that keeps causing the game to crash. Just beat Felicity though. Woohoo !!!

Uninstalled and then reinstalled seemed to fix it for me. I have made it to the last chapter (Chapter 11: The Beginning of the End) without a single crash since. Even applied the update, still good. Only one legendary, a Homing Quasar Grenade, awesome grenade. Got it from Felicity. Zarpedon dropped a legendary head, that sucks. Anyway, happy Borderlands camper once more.

I have also just encountered the same issue on PS4 whilst playing TPS and can confirm a quick uninstall and re-install will fix the issue! :slight_smile: