*Borderlands: THC (XB1) Connection Issues*

I recently purchased Borderlands: The Handsome Collection for the Xbox One but have been unable to connect locally for a split screen match. It keeps telling me to check my cables or something like that. I am also unable to enumerate downloadable content. I let it run for over 10 minutes with no changes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Known problem between the HC and Xbox 1, ck here for work arounds that work for most of the times, Connecting to host issues

gearbox will probably never fix the issue, you can send in a trouble ticket for the problem but they will just tell you the same thing that’s in the link I pasted, then close the ticket, so waste of time IMO

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For a local split screen, make sure you set your network settings accordingly first. I’d check but the XB1 is updating something at the moment.

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My XB1 has had no issues with other games. How exactly should my network settings differ for this one? Thanks!

Set your network options to Private. You’ll see the “A” prompt to join appear in the first empty slot below your own character. The second player can then join, sign in, and select their character.

If you’re doing on-line co-op, you’ll need to select one of the other options and may still run into the issues linked in @LunaticOne’s post.


Thanks to both of you for all your help! I will give it a try after work.