Borderlands THC Xbox one help please

I’m playing on Xbox one, and I’m level 17. I decided to try something fun and play the claptrap dlc as level 17 even though the dlc is 30-33 I’m stuck in it because of the lack of fast travel and would please like some help until I can get at least to a fast travel
Please reply
Gamertag on Xbox: ryandeadcheeze

You either have to sneak past the enemies and get to Nexus (where there is a fast travel) or get someone else to help you get there. You can also join a game and you will automatically go to the host location.

Hmm. That’s poor design. There should be a way to escape back to sanity if you’re so underleveled. GBX should take a look at their own Knoxx DLC (BL1).