Borderlands: The Adventures of Shade and Herbert

This is a game that i am making for Gameboy. It will not be making any money. I am going to give a lot of credit to Gearbox, because they own Borderlands. If you want one, I will send one your way, free of charge.

Got an Idea? Just tell me what it is, and I will think about incorporating it into the game. If you have a map idea, just draw a top view of it in MS paint or any drawing program. Right know we are on the planning stage. Throw in your idea. I am going to go as high as you can with a gameboy on this game. I think that we can only have two modes (Not counting Multiplayer, which may or may not happen), so if you have a mode idea tell me. And remember this IS NOT a Gearbox game. If i use your idea, just say if you want to be in the credits, and if I should use your username or real name.

First of all, We need to decide when this takes place in the Borderlands universe. It will not be canon . Which NPC’s will be in it, the missions, the story, the enemies, the bosses, and other things

[SIZE=“30”]Borderlands: The Adventures of Shade and Herbert[/SIZE]

A random Picture i made for the game.

Part one: Planning.

The Story

Playable Characters:

Shade and Herbert (Idea contributed by ACNAero, he is expecting good things now)


Steve the Bandit (Idea contributed by Astroboleme)






Devastator Suit (Needs a name, Idea Contributed by Patriot’s Anarchist )



Hoard Mode - Battle against waves of enemies

Boss Mania (Not sure about the name) - Battle all the bosses in succession, got this idea from a kirby game.

Multiplayer - This is something i would like to incorporate, but this may be beyond my skill.

Miscellaneous Things

Link to the original thread for this:

It is going to be a 3d game.

it Doesnt work on Mr_Sandmans PSP.

I have to think of more things to put in this category

Still no WIP, huh?

Isn’t planning consider work in progress?

Well, nothings changed from the last thread. I would assume you would have something to show by now?
:sandal: srs, why is there a sandal emote??

I can’t use 3D. Put on regular ds. Make it a story about how the 2 most irritating people in bl2. Found love and water, then died. From excitement. Or something.
Also, just put it on mega or some other file site so everyone can DL it.

is this rip?

I think it might be. Makes me kinda sad since it seemed like a cool idea. :cry:

I’ll rise to Challange!

I will carry on where Dr Ted/Greasy Broccoli started and make an unofficial borderlands game.

You’ve been warned, it will be terrible.

I’ll start a thread soon™

One request/requirement, reference the legend that is Captain Falcon in some way (Rogue warrior that creates flames whenever he punches/kicks someone, bounty hunter/race car driver with abs of steel, etc.)

My one request is since you use Game Maker (I assume???) pls don’t use the drag and drop stuff for anything ever D:
ty godbless your soul Sandman

That’s the reason I use gamemaker: it has Drag-‘n’-drop.

May i ask what game maker is?

A really simple Game Creatiom prpgr that offers Drag-‘n’-Drop options when “coding” or actual proper coding,

Skilled people have made some amazing games with it (it’s intended for 2D/“fake” 3D (parallax, isomeric etc…) but people have made FPS games on it.

In 7th grade I found it on my school computers and ever since I’ve made tons of really bad games.

The best one I’d “The Legend Of Bailey Beef-Strider” because it had cutscenes, an aimable gun and awesome music (made by my friend, so it was legitmantly great).

If anyone wants to play it, I’d be happy to share it with them. But I have no idea how to send EXE files, email?

Drag and drop functions in GM offer no control :h

If you dedicate years of your life to learning the art of Drag n drop (as well as bastardising free tutorials/demos) you can make workable games.