Borderlands The Complete Fan Fiction :)

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Hey, gearboxers or gears or boxes,whatever, i want to share those few characters from a fan fiction Borderlands universe. So before you read this miles long post I have to say this NONE OF THE CONTENT IN THIS POST IS CANON TO THE BORDERLANDS LORE, so please do not make any false assumptions and speculations, I’m just sayin’ that those are not leaks or sumthin, it’s a fan fiction.I don’t have sources, you know. So get some popcorns, drinks or whatever and have a glimpse of my moronic ideas about a future Borderlands game, that probably will never happen ever. :slight_smile: (if you click on the names , a music will come to your ears). Have fun! :slight_smile:



AGE: 42






PLACE OF BIRTH: The Arsenal City of Stalinguard, The Communarchy state of Syberia (Vladof Fatherland). The frozen planet of Syberia.




ACCUSED IN : Thievery,Murder,High treason,Demolition,Abduction,Telling stupid jokes.


BACKGROUND : Boris is the fifth child of a Vladof’s Arsenal factory workers. During his childhood he and his family lived in poverty.The lack of non-toxic food caused Boris a brain deficiency for which he’s been constantly mocked by his elder brothers and sister. Because of his brain condition he wasn’t able to feel fear and did lots of stupid things. At 15 the local militia put a file of Boris when he tore his brother’s arm and has been banished from The Factory living compound. After 6 incidents at the factory involving 42 dead workers,Boris leave the Arsenal and disappear in Syberia’s frozen wasteland.Years later Vladof’s supply crews reported of a young man attacking the supply barges alongside berils (a polar bear-like creatures,in syberic the creatures are called mechonkas). Later Vladof’s bounty board at Yujni Rog signaled that the bounty of King Yuri,leader of a local bandit horde,has been taken by unnamed person,who require the payment in clothes and food sent through the supply barges.In the next few years all the bounty Vladof announced has been taken by the same man,with the same no money asked.Hundreds of murderers,thieves and psychopaths fall dead for food and clothes.The Vladof CEO - Tsar-General Ivan Vladimir the III sent a team led by his daughter colonel-princess Lyudmila (Lyuda) in the wasteland to look for the man.Rumors said that Boris fell in love with the colonel-princess and as she ask him to join the Vladof he accept it at once,which put the foundation of the Vladof’s legendary Warhunter Brigade. Boris never saw Lyudmila in the years of his service. During the Corporate Wars Boris brought many victories to Vladof and become a national hero. Vladimir sent the brigade to suppress a mining rebellion. At the mines the Warhunters fell into an ambush of Atlas forces,and all of the warhunters has been killed. Boris survives the explosions in the mines thanks to,as he recall,“a friendly neighborhood arms dealer”.After years of recovery Boris put his body thru a series of bio-mechanical implements,then return to Syberia,infiltrate the Stalinguard and hijack Lyuda. As we know the princess is still married to Admiral-Prince Pushkins who are still looking for her. A rumor says that both Boris and Lyuda died during the escape of Stalinguard. One of our sources reports that the couple has been seen on Pandora.Boris may look stupid but his condition can be described as brain dead. After the explosion in the mines the most back of his head went missing. The BIAS resistor compensate the lack of cerebrospinal fluids and when the nervous system receive multiple hits it gives a signal to the resistor to inject massive dosage of adrenaline. A side effect of the adrenaline burst is a loss of memory, which brings Boris in a state of constant stupidity. Boris teeth-necklace is made by the “teeth of his father”. The teeth belonged to a wild syberian beril.

(Kristeena is the only child of Boris and Lyuda, who appears to reside on Pandora. No Intel on Lyuda current location - presumed dead. Boris has been arrested by Dahl 3rd Brigade soldiers who brought down his ship on Elpis. Soon after he’s been transferred to DAHL’s 21-st Prison Frigate for execution.

Action Skill (F): – The Ultimat battle rocket hammer is actually a seismic tool created by an unknown Vladof scientist to measure the planets core changes. The scientist died while testing the tool. It is made by combining a magnetic force reactor and a gravity turbine. When The Ultimat hit the ground, the magnetic reactor gives a powerful blast to the planet’s core which corresponds directly to the area of origin by returning the wave to the hammer gravity turbine that spread the wave vertically creating a powerful earthquake that flips all nearby enemies into mid air.

Range and melee weapon (Q/V): Wrath of the People – is made by battle sickle and a surveillance drone. When thrown (Q) the sickle can be equipped with different element.Boris’s “Syberian roulette” skill allows him to shoot e single shot with every equipped weapon on a rotational scheme. He swaps his weapons so fast that it looks like shooting with a single weapon. The roulette stops either when one of the guns is out of ammo or when “Fingerstuck” . The more critical hits he makes the more stacks of “roulette” he gets.Because of his really big fingers Boris have an ability to “Fingerstuck”. His finger stuck in the trigger hole making the gun constantly firing without reloading, until the ammo of the weapon is fully depleted.Boris “ Mighty Aurora ” skill allows him to boost the fire rate of rocket launchers so they can shoot a full clip at once.



AGE: 34



CLASS: Siren











Sonique was an orphan girl adopted by Tediore Corporation on Eden-6. She is an “artificial siren” made by Tediore as they experiment with transferring siren stem cells to little girls. Sonique developed an arrow-like formations on her left shoulder and arm, later diagnosed as teleportation glands. Her teleportation glands produced the main ingredient later used by Tediore in their teleportation technology. The first appearance of her teleportation powers happened by accident. Rumors says that it was during a sexual intercourse with a boy in her late 17. Rumor also says that in the peak of her orgasm she teleported herself along with the boy’s attributes (that’s unconfirmed rumor). She never has been seen talking to boys. In fact the paint job used on Tediore weapons consist enzymes from her teleportation glands, which allows the guns to teleport back.

Tediore Corporation is founded by Mrs. Tediore and other core members of the Ex-French Foreign Legion, as the legion been disbanded, Tediore achieved the status of a police force on the Edens (5 and 6). During the Corporate Wars the initial ideals of Mrs. Tediore for family safety has been replaced by a strong feminism propaganda in order to recruit more women in the force. Nowadays Tediore forces are composed primarily of women who obeys the order of their “Supreme Mother”. The radical feminist ideals of “supreme gender” transformed Tediore from a peacekeeping police force into an oppressive military regime, that turned the Edens from one of the most desired holiday destinations into a lands of fear and despair. The secret militia takes everyone who “does not pay respect” on women into their concentration camps. The militia often takes “gifted” little girls from their families in order to turn them into killing machines. All men’s activities has been banned. Men and boys were forced to work in Tediore weapon factories. As a main weapon manufacturer the company portfolio also includes mercenary services and corporate espionage.

When Sonique completed her training she become part of the espionage division,under the direct command of Captain Jaques Du Finest and his minions-sirens Xandrine and Undine. Sonique become the most proficient in her field.(Xandrine is a natural born siren who was sold to Tediore as a child, Undine was created in-house using genetics from Xandrine.) Sonique is a orphan girl forced to become a siren. No information on her parents.As a little girl Sonique lived in Tediore orphanage and dreamed of becoming a famous singer and one of the Eden’s Divas (a famous talent-search show on The Edens from before the regime.) She and the minion-sirens are in fact the only sirens who can sing. Despite her badass attitude, Sonique becomes extremely shy if someone ask her to sing, but her voice is a “magical”. She have a phobia of violins, because of her corporate music teacher, who broke her fingers once in her childhood, because she didn’t play correctly. That event ended her musical interests once and for all. Sonique completed over 20 successful missions during the Corporate wars, dealing with almost impossible reconnaissance tasks, stealth assassinations, undercover operations and stealing Intel from other corporations. She is a full scale assassin and she uses her seductress skills to acquire any kind of information from her targets. As she witness the lunacy that overwhelmed Tediore, the outrages done by their company, after the death of her only friend Flory, Sonique fled Eden-6 and become a contract thief in the known colonies. In her echo-log she says “I had to see Flor in prison yesterday. I put her there but I never actually visit the place before. In the compound, there was those few boys who were fighting over a potato. The warden approached and start beating them. I stopped her. She recognized me. She salute and went into her cabin. I had to call the doctor. I think one of the boys wouldn’t make it…” (Floreen or Flory was imprisoned by Sonique for subversive activities against Tediore. She was killed during a prison riot. Sonique still struggles with her corporate beliefs and she’s trying to act more human than a brainwashed killing machine. She was captured by Dahl forces while stealing documentation on Subject 774 (that includes all recorded conversations of Dr. Stern and Zenyth). Moved to the 21-st Prison Frigate with a death sentence.

ACTION SKILL (F): Tediore Mimicrian Holo-cloak is a Tediore hologram device that allows Sonique to become whatever human-sized target she pick for a certain amount of time.This allows her to infiltrate enemy compound without alerting any enemy. While in cloak she can perform a silent kill with her flash dagger or attach a timed charges to enemies. The charges explode by the end of her action skill. Cloak does not work with animals.They can easily sense her and will instantly attack.She will not be spotted by human enemies until the skill meter runs out or been interrupted by the use of equipped weapon. While in cloak mode melee weapon is the Flash dagger.When she perform a silent kill the target instantly turns into ashes and she takes the place of her victim.

RANGE SKILL (Q) : PHASEPORT S.H.I.F.F.T or “The Self-Hasting Interface for Flash Forward Teleportation” is a device manufactured by Tediore to enhance Sonique’s siren power of teleportation. Her power is called Phaseport and allows Sonique to divide her biology on a subatomic level between two separate points (positive and negative). The electric charge, which emerges between these two points practically allows her to teleport herself at certain distance, from negative to positive point. Every time Sonique uses the phaseport, she creates a shock nova when she reach her positive point. The Shock nova can be replaced by other elements according to the equipped relic. The S.h.i.f.f.t. recharges very quickly and the teleport distance can be upgraded. The SHIFFT can also be used as a melee weapon teleporting her directly onto an enemy.

MELEE WEAPON (V): Tediore Flash Dagger - Sonique use the flash dagger as melee weapon with added shock element. She can even trow it at short distance and the dagger teleports back immediately after hitting the targets.

Sonique gameplay covers both long range sniping and stealth assassinations. When her “Mistress Tesla” ability is active, every time she hit an enemy with melee the enemy become her slave and attacks other enemies. This ability works only with same or lower-level enemies. Also works with animals. “Thunder Goddess” is Sonique’s ability to enhance the damage of shock weapons. When fully upgraded the shock bullets turns into a lightning bolts that can cause chain lightning. Sonique’s Envisage (upgradable AOE) ability allows her to spread a high frequency sound bubble that marks hidden or invisible enemies with a cyan outline. Her Spectre Calibre is a sniper ability that allows her to teleport sniper shots beyond walls and obstacles. When combined with her Envisage she will be able to shoot enemies through walls and obstacles. Sonique is a highly skillful parkourist and along with her Phaseport she can easily traverse through every type of terrain to reach good sniping points.



AGE: 39








ACCUSED IN: Murder,Thievery,Smuggling,Fraud,Use of banned explosives ,Alcoholism,Picking on unsuspecting women.


CURRENT LOCATION : DAHL’s 21-st Prison Frigate

BACKGROUND: Justyfred McKannon is the second child of Roary and Lolly McKannon. Along with the O’Kieran family the McKannons are core founders of the Kiernan Independence Front,which is created by the unification of the 7 colonial clans on Kiernan Moon. Dahl banned the produce and use of alcohol on Dahlia and her moons and that brought the war in their backyard. The problem become so serious that Dahl were forced to call all their forces to defend the homeland from clans attacks. Before the war Just and his elder brother work along with their father in the familly distillery producing alcohol from the local moon plant called Dra’eh. “McKannon’s Drag” has become favorable drink to many. The business ran good until the prohibition,that occur after the death of the Dahl’s CEO Queen Victoria the XXI as she tried the Drag for the first time and suddenly fall dead, later many call her The Dragqueen. Others assumed she was poisoned. After the prohibition McKannon family has become a major smuggler in the system. During the war Just become affiliated with all kinds of explosives as the distillery been destroyed by Dahl’s forces the Dra’eh found another purpose as a major ingredient in Kiernan’s explosive arsenal,making the blast radius of grenades extremely large with the effect of a deadly hangover. McKannon is well known for his obsession with beautiful women and this helped Dahl’s secret services to arrest him after years of chasing him throughout the galaxy.

ACTION SKILL (F): Pangolin’s HRT-BRKR (McKannon’s Heartbreaker is a construction exoskeleton turned by ex-Pangolin “very sober” engineers into a “walking cannon”. When HRT is active the “ Overhanded” ability allows a second pair of arms to be drawn so McKannon will be able to shoot with his all 4 equipped weapons. The missile pods launches an auto-aiming missiles but the main attraction is the Heart Breaker itself - a 420” caliber cannon that blast a 10 megaton nuclear shot and all that Armageddon accompanied by an uplifting scottish music. When inactive the Breaker takes the form of an absolutely harmless bag pack. The number of nuclear shots can be upgraded. The cannon can be pointed at any direction. When active the exoskeleton can be used for stomping/kicking nearby enemies by pressing the melee button.

RANGE WEAPON (Q): MEAN MORTY - Pangolin’s semi-automatic grenade mortar that is able to disperse up to 20 grenades in a row. Morty’s grenades does not affect the number of the grenades that McKannon can throw by hand, but they’re affected by the equipped grenade mode.

MELEE WEAPON (V) : The strong and manly robotic arm of a real scotsman.



AGE: 39













Very little is known about the most fearsome murderer in the galaxy. Most of his story are just unverified rumors or exaggerated legends. Here is one of them:
Lee was the only child of a peasant family on Aquator. His parents has been killed when he was 9 years old during a bandit raid when he loose his tongue and his face has been disfigured. Rumors says that Lee killed the 60 bandits all by himself. He was found burying the corpses of villagers and bandits by the honorable Seizo Anshin, the leader of the Anshin Clan. When he saw the boy and his determination he took the little Lee in his fortress and gave him the name Saito. Years letter Lee has been put to very strict sword training by Seizo himself. Thru the years Saito become very skillful with the sword, at the age of 16 he become the personal bodyguard of both Anshin children – the 11 years old son Reizo and Seizo’s 13 years old orphan niece Tomoyo. Within the premises Saito was required to constantly wear a mask, so no one could see his disfigured face. At Tomoyo’s 17 birthday she ask him to remove his mask as a gift to her. While all the others laughed or turned their faces, only Tomoyo step forward and kissed him. Soon after Saito develop feelings for her. At his 26 he has been promoted as Anshin Sword Teacher and left the bodyguard post. He barely seen Tomoyo until one day on Seizo’s order she was forced to marry one of the Maliwan executives. A vile man name Chang who only cares for his mistresses and drinks. The marriage was supposed to ease the merger between Anshin Manufacturing and the Maliwan Group, but soon Anshin began to lose positions. Anshin Manufacturing has e secret which is the source of their healing technology. Only one man has been caught in his dying breath to refer to the secret as the “hidden object”. Some people speculate that this “object” is from an alien origin, but has nothing in common with the eridian technology that has already been discovered. Chang tried everything to gain access to the Object, but his pledge has been refused. So the only way to reach the Object was to murder all of the Anshins. So he secretly began to poison the food of his wife Tomoyo. She got pregnant three times, but all end up with the death of the child. After her third abortion Tomoyo began to lose her mind, she tried to commit suicide, but she was saved by Saito. A year later the mentally ruined Tomoyo manage to kill her uncle. She was caught by Reizo and sentenced to death. Saito was forced to execute her on her birthday. The next morning the Anshins found that Chang is missing. The same night Saito entered the Anshin’s inner sanctum and took the Object. Some people says that he destroyed the damned thing, other thinks he turned the Object into a sword. After he killed all the people working in the Maliwan branch on Aquator, which is about a 2000 men, he left the planet chased by both Maliwan and Anshin and become a headhunter. Many stories can be herd of a silent killer who roams the wastelands and kills everything in his way.
One day a Dahl Security Station on Tantalus reported that a masked man with large circle hat has come with a note that says he is Silent Lee and he wants to surrender. The Dahl deputy walks him to the door apologizing for that they don’t arrest homeless people and wannabes in their station and in the next second he found his head rolling on the street. Lee had to kill the entire shift of 20 men just to get arrested. Letter he was transferred to DAHL’s 21-st Prison Frigate, where he still awaits his execution.
Silent Lee knows what Zero is and he refers to Zero being one of his best students. Lee’s sword is made of an ancient seraph artifact. He almost constantly sees a little dark boy with a ball. After his adoption by Anshin, Seizo demand from Lee to choose between a ball and a sword. Lee choose the sword which led him into the world of blood and murder. The boy is Lee’s childhood version of himself and the ball he carries represents the different way of life if Lee choose the ball instead of sword.
The little demon kid brings Lee into his suppressed memories of his early childhood, living with the Anshins and later his life as a headhunter. Unlike Zero, Lee has been trained in the traditional samurai arts. His fighting techniques forbids all forms of deceive. He is way more resistant to open attacks than the others and his wide metal hat makes him hard to kill by snipers. Lee’s real name is Carter Lee and he is from an afro-chinese origin. Under the mask lies a perfectly normal but very sad face of a black man. His skin color can only be seen through the cut fingers of his left hand glove while reloading.

Special skill (F) : KAISHAKUNIN – Lee’s sword is made of a mystical element known previously as The Object, technically it impersonate а highly focused anti-matter shard that resonates with everything it touches. The Object is a seraph relic that gives the power of antimatter to those who poses it, at the price of invoking the things that this person most sorry for. In the case of Lee is the dark boy who follows him all the time. When activated Lee transfer his consciousness into the dark boy ,as his original body enter third person mode and start executing enemies with his sword. Every enemy killed by the sword turns into ash instantly.

Range weapon (Q) : The Reality Slice –The R-Slice is a powerful wave inflicted by the sword that slices everything in its way. R-Slice doesn’t kill instantly but deals a moderate damage with or without an assigned element. The R-Slice recharges quickly, but it doesn’t affect Lee’s main skill.

Melee weapon (V) : A vertical and horizontal slice with the sword. When hold W,A,S,D+V he performs a fast Dash cut depending on which direction has been chosen. Also can be used to dodge frontal melee attacks.
Lee’s “Hide and Seer” ability allows him to discover hidden loot chests. The boy that follows Lee can sense the hidden loot and emerges in the area where the loot is hidden. If the boy disappear from his sight, it means that he found something. The player should look at the map to see the location of the boy. When Lee follow him he usually finds something above average. When KAISHAKUNIN is activated the boy returns to Lee instantly. When fully upgraded the boy emerges right above the loot chest.
Lee’s GunJutsu is a melee override skill that allows him to use his weapons as a sword. As he “stab or slice” enemies he fires the weapon in the moment of impact dealing double of both melee and shot damage. The override works even better with bladed weapons. When upgraded he can deal great critical hit melee damage.
Lee’s hat makes him hard to kill by headshots, if not shot directly in the face.
His Defend my weakness skill allows him to take off his hat and use it as cover when low on health.


"Zenyth is the only daughter of a chieftain in one of the eridian Yakba tribes and some generic opha.She had 33 brothers.The eridians itself originates from Schistomorphs a distant insectoid relative of a locust.

Zenyth is not her real name,but only a representation of the eridian glyphs she wrote when we ask for her name.With a little more imagination we can say they looks similar to the letters Z-E-N-Y-T-H,but her real name is impossible to be spelled or pronounced in any human language.

The Yakba eridians appears to be hunter-gatherers unlike their relatives the Tycho,who were extremely advanced technocrats.As the Tycho lead their high-end technological society,the Yakba prefered to stay closer to their natural state. At some point a war emerged between the two and as a result the Yakba were assimilated into the Tycho.The Tycho eridians are extremely rigorous beings. They bound to their designation biologically. The breeding depends entirely on the generic opha creatures which are nothing more than a reproductive machines. In the Tycho society only a high-ranking officers can maintain an opha.The female tychos were extremely skillful warriors.

Following their old traditions the Yakbas consider the Tycho way of life unacceptable,but they also have a very strict hierarchy.The males becomes hunters and females stays with the tribe untill a hunter demands a wife and the girl he choose will evolve into an opha.The girls who cannot evolve because of illness or disability become the tribe’s shaman apprentice. In the years of practicing the yakba magic their blood turns blue and this event marks the end of their education.We don’t know why only women can become priests,but i suspect that there is something in common with the “siren phenomenon” amongst our human girls.

Before the assimilation it was common for a low-ranking tycho to steal a woman from the yakbas. Yakba women were considered more beautiful than tycho’s generic ophas.If a yakba girl dares to become a hunter she will be banished from the tribe and soon will fall into the hands of a low-rank tycho. The Tycho and Yakba had one thing in common- an infinite passion for exploration.Those arc structures we have found appears to be some kind of a complex transportation system that they used to scatter their kind throughout the universe.Some people used to call them vaults but that’s technically wrong.They’re not made to contain but to connect two or more distant points simultaneous at an exact moment. After the countless hours of telepathic conversations with Zen and the deaths of the 17 girl hosts we used to connect with her,i haven’t noticed even a glimpse of religion or a higher force she account on.As the hosts died in front of her she doesn’t even blinked. When she asked what’s happening to the girls i tried to explain but it seems that she can’t understand the concept of death. When i asked her about their dead.She said that everything changes to achieve its further purpose,and told me about one of their old beliefs when they considered a great honor for a hunter to become a weapon after his death.This particular custom has been performed by a priest who prepares the body for reassembling.I believe that the eridian weapons we have found, may eventually come to life once they fell in the hands of a living eridian.

In conclusion i can’t say how it happens Zenyth to be the only survivor of this great civilization and her emotional state is very unstable according to our human understanding. I cannot imagine if I was the last of my kind, but i assume that she is just immensely lonely. Her moments of depression are so bad that literally takes lives. People become suicidal in her presence. 12 out of the 17 host killed themselves after few sessions, the others died during the sessions. In these 17 conversations she never mention even once how the eridians disappeared. Was it a cosmic event or some kind of disease, she never spoke of that."

Dr.Merydith Stern Atlas Corporation lead exo-paleontologist,(sober for 9 days,which is a great success)."

ACTION SKILL (F): TIME SHAFT Zenyth is highly proficient in the Yakba magic and her special skill is a temporal time suspension within an area of effect. Once upgraded she can throw an enemies bullets back at them.

RANGE SKILL (Q) : Impaler Bow – it’s a bow made by the remnants of an eridian hunter. The bow is a living organism that shoots living arrows. Once loosed Zenyth can see through the eye of the arrow for much precise targeting. Her arrows kills enemies but heals teammates. Once fully upgraded the arrows can instantly revive a fallen teammate.

MELEE WEAPON (V) : SATURNIAN SPEAR – Also made of eridian bones. The spear radiates an extremely bright light that can blind foes temporarily. The spear is a portable respawn station as she calls it “A spirit attractor”. She can throw her spear marking a new respawn point for the team.

Zenyth is the last living eridian and she’s a healer character class. If she is present in the team whenever someone dies he or she respawn at Zenyth’s spear location. If Zenyth die she respawns at save stations. Every eridian weapon comes to life when wielded by her. The bonus is higher fire rate, accuracy, damage and number of shots before recharging. When “Fight for your life” and “Desperate Measures” is active, the eridian guns can shoot even if the magazine is empty, the shots deals double damage but every shot drain off her health. She is also very fast runner (W + double tap “Shift”) and she is able to cover very long distances at great speed. Once upgraded she can outrun even a speeding vehicle. Zenyth is a very insecure being and an exact opposite of the rest of the characters. She is probably the most innocent creature in the Borderlands universe but joining the prisoner team she learns how to survive and make use of her alien magic powers. In that term she starts as the weakest character and when in co-op she will need some protection, because of her respawn point ability. As a last of her kind she is suffering a constant depression mixed with periods of maniacal euphoria. Regardless of her creepy white eyes and facial tentacles, she may considered cute for a locust relative creature. Her overall colors reminds of a stormtrooper. Her shell plates are light grey and her meat parts are black (neck, upper arms, fingers, facial and head tentacles, buttocks and feet). Her face is also a shell but it’s soften around the mouth.) Her eyes are big white irises on a completely black sclera. While sprinting her head leans forward, the tentacles wraps around the neck and her head plates connects to the back plates (thus she stands more aerodynamic while running). She uses her facial tentacles to sense the winds while running. Also she use them for eating, and she eats a lot because of her depression. :slight_smile: Zenyth’s "Hear me whisper" ability allows her to connect to female enemies minds. When confronting her few of the same level female enemies may loose their will to fight, and some of the lower level enemies will instantly commit suicide. When fully upgraded she can force badass females to fight on her side. Zenyth is the only character that visually evolves when a tier in her skill tree is completed by adding a more plate segments to cover her soft parts. When all of her skill trees are fully upgraded her body is completely armored. So she start as the weakest character but by the end of the normal mode she is equally strong as the other characters and even may surpass them in TVHM and the toughest of all in UVHM. Zenyth is about 700 years old and she is considered a young adult according to the eridian aging. Her physical up-growth match those of a 21 years old human. She is set to find out four vault hunters she need to help her defeating the ancient enemy that destroyed her civilization. But you know, sh*t happens and instead of the real vault hunters she gave her mark to the four ex-convicts and have to do all this with them.


SAM AND SILLY are 14 years old orphan twins who runs garages across the planet and provide upgrades for vehicles and Hornets. (The Hornet is a flying vehicle that can carry up to 3 players. The driver, the main gunner which is underneath and the side gunner, who can shoot with his equipped weapons and throw grenades.) Sam and Silly become the players garage crew at their first race. (Sam have a serious competition of other bandit mechanic teams). Sam owns the Auto-SPAwn network which is an old Atlas supply satellite who orbits the planet and can digistruct vehicles almost everywhere on land. Sometimes by completely unknown reasons, obviously involving Silly, the satellite fails to digistruck correctly and the vehicles drops from a great height. Bandits doesn’t attack Sam’s garages because he can level their camps in a minute using the satellite as a “vehicle cannon”, but they kidnap Silly multiple times and asks for some really stupid sh*t. Sam and Silly has been raised by Mr.Who.

Samuel is a 14 years old auto-genius that can make everything working, but he spends most of his time sorting junk parts or arguing with his sister. The actual repair work is done by Crane. Sam loves armed vehicles and as a former “death racer”, he devoted himself to help others getting “the best gear on the track”.

Silvestra (Silly) is Samuel’s twin sister. She’s very good at mocking her brother and destroying stuff. She is a game addict, a cosplay queen (twice) and possess the power to instantly fall in love with every vault hunter she see. Lee is her favorite. She is also the mightiest siren this universe is about to see but her powers are random and very unstable, so she doesn’t have tattoos yet. She also runs “Silly’s Boutique Arena” where she make all kinds of character customizations from the useless garbage she gathers across the planet (from heads and skins to additional props for character customization.)

CRANE the repair bot is the only thing left to Sam and Silly by their parents. Crane’s only purpose was to protect the children, but after years he’s being repaired multiple times and become a garage bot. On his lost drive is stored the encrypted information that reveals the truth about Sam and Silly’s parents and why they left them. Crane can be digistructed at every Auto-SPAwn-station to repair vehicles.

Mr. Who – is a mysterious bartender and caretaker of Sam & Silly. He owns „Who’s bar and dinner” and also sells character upgrades (backpack, banks and magazine capacity modules). He looks very strange and sometimes loses his touch with reality. Most of he’s speaking is just gibberish. Mr.Who is the last living Tycho eridian disguised as a human. His eridian name is Hoo. Living with humans badly affected him. When Zenyth meet him he starts to behave really strange – it’s like a love at first sight with periods of euphoria. He possess a great power but he also forgot what it was and how to use it.

Every character can carry 2 vehicle prints in their backpacks. Others can be stored at Sam’s CarBank. The player should be able to digistruck a vehicle everywhere near him in open areas thanks to the provided by Sam supply beacons. Vehicles cannot be spawned indoors. Auto-SPAwn station across the maps is used to access the CarBank for changing vehicles that the player can carry in his backpack, send new schematics and teleporting to driver’s seat. A Vehicle section must be present in the character’s menu. There can be only one active vehicle that can be spawned by pressing “X” key. If the player wants to change the active vehicle, he must go to the Vehicle section in the character menu and switch the active tab to the other vehicle. Only 2 vehicles can be spawned in the same time so if the player wants to spawn another he must destroy one of the two that has already been spawned. By pressing “Z” the beacon becomes active and a target circle will be projected on the ground where the vehicle will be spawned. When the player decide where to spawn, by pressing “X” the vehicle will be dropped in the target circle. In that way the player will be able to use the supply beacon to drop vehicles on enemies. Considering the five playable characters every vehicle can carry up to three players. The driver, the gunner and the side gunner who shoot with his equipped weapons. Monsters can carry all the players. Zenyth has no particular need for a ground vehicle, because of her sprinting ability (“W” + double tap “Shift”). When her Sprinting ability is fully upgraded she can outrun even the fastest rides, but she can mount vehicles as well.


“Kiss, kill, kiss, kill…
Ahh, surrender me a kiss
Let me loose on you inch by inch
The one and only reason is the gun,gun,gun
I said, Well baby, we’ve only just begun

So don’t talk just kill
with your own guns and rounds
Don’t talk just kill
And let your gun fool around
Oh, let’s fool around…

“WILD SAXXON” – or Lady Saxxon is a bandit drag-queen arms dealer in direct competition to Marcus Kincaid. He’s real name is Simon and he is the former owner of the S&S Munitions.When Handsome Jack raise to power he forced Simon and his wife Sarah to sell their company to Hyperion (because of the similar color pattern). Jeffrey Blake personally visited Simon’s family on Themis to assure that the deal is done. Simon refused and two days after he found his wife dead with a bullet in her head. He took his baby twins, fled the planet and escape to Promethea. He left his children with a local scavenger and bar-owner Mr. Who and disappear into the wasteland. Couple of years latter a posters of “Wild Saxxon” appeared in the town. He never said he was a brave man so he had to become a completely different person in order to save his children. In these 13 years he breathes the psychedelic air of the planet his mind got weak and gave freedom to his fake new identity. As he suffer the loss of his wife he slowly, but not completely, transformed into a woman and forgot about his children. Saxxon runs the Promethean death race championship and he apears accompanied by the members of his glam-punk rock band “ The Volt Huntrz”. (reference Sigue Sigue Sputnik). When the vault hunters does quest for Saxxon they found out that he is the father of Samuel and Silvestra. As they trying to gather Simons family they must find the missing parts of the Crane bot in order to read the events log of the last S&S robot.

(odiscordia) #2

Wow. Gotta say your imagination is off the charts. Do the art yourself?

(SixtySicksShooter) #3

Thanks,man. Borderlands universe still have a lot to tell. That was my base idea. Yeah i drew those guys.

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The gearbox headquarters is like 45 minutes down the street from me. I’m gonna drive down there and tell ole randy he should hire you :wink:

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