Borderlands The Handsome Collection constant crashing

So I have been having this constant issue with the Handsome collection (on xboxone), BL2 in particular, where whenever I hit a checkpoint the game freezes up and crashes. This happens at almost every checkpoint so if anyone could be of assitance it would be extremely helpful.

I’ve been complaining about this for a couple days now but have not received any response from any of the moderators.
Every single time I try to play an Xbox 360 cloud save on Xbox One my screen freezes solid when I activate an Autosave location. It’s not always the first one, sometimes it’s the third or fourth but it ALWAYS happens and has rendered the game unplayable. Please please please will someone from Gearbox look into this as the only reason I bought the Handsome Jack Collection was so I could play all my old characters.

I don’t have that problem. is the game loaded on the console or an external hard drive? I had a nasty bug when I got the game (Day One) so I uninstalled, then re-installed but did not allow it to update until all the installs were done. (It asks if I want to update and I said no, first time I let it do it).

So long as you don’t delete the user data your saves will stay (mine did)