Borderlands The Handsome Collection grog nozzle

Will we get the grog nozzle as a non-mission items like Borderlands 2 on ps3?

If you have it on PS3, it should transfer over because of the save transfer (Obviously)

I don’t have my ps3 anymore :frowning:

It’s probably ties to account

Well I think you might have to cross save your characters onto ps4. Sorry to be the barrer of bad news but I think you might be screwed :(. As for the grog nozzle I feel that it would be awesome if gearbox did a second 100k loot hunt.


Ah well, i guess i’ll just start from sratch , also yes it’ll be awesome if gearbox’ do a 2nd Loot Hunt event.

I have an op 8 grog nozzle can’t remember how I got it to be fair but I have one one xbox

Do you still have it? Also is it bladed?

do you have one for ps4?