Borderlands The Handsome Collection Launch Trailer

Is this safe to play? Those couch people had it lucky a few times. What if a Bonus Package just decides to fly out of the TV into the room… would they even get to FFYL? xP

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The 4 player couch coop looks great! :grinning:

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Blatant false advertising of the weapons in game supposedly being able to affect your living room. Seriously though, excellent trailer guys. Definitely seems like it’s the definitive coop trailer for the game.

I still don’t see very much improvement graphically to warrant them calling to “remastered”. I was expecting 60 frames & 1080p of course but I wanted to see some actual improvement, say on the level of the PC version. Such as super HD texture (they look like garbage on 360 & PS4) and the epic PhysX blood and particles I’ve been drooling over for years.

This trailer seems to be avoiding ANYTHING about how the game is improved and is instead pushing the couch co-op thing as the major feature to be looking forward to. As someone who hates split screen that trailer was boring as hell, half of it was just cosplayers and CG effects launching out of the TV.

I’m probably not going to get this, since it was announced they’ve really done nothing to really show off the graphical improvements to us. I’ve seen nothing that makes the game look any different and as a solo player that is the thing I care about. I have BL2, I have TPS and I have the season passes for both. The fact they’re seemingly avoiding the subject of the “remastered” visuals, it leads me to think they kind of half-assed it because if they were proud of the remastering the would flaunt it.

As much as I love BL, this is NOT going to be a day one purchase for me.


Suggestion: Wait for someone online to confirm how good it looks or doesn’t and then make up your mind. Trailers are just for fun and hype and informing mildly. And I’ll probably come back to this thread and let you know if I see physx effects.

Yeah, I’m going to wait. Sorry that post was kind of pent up aggravation, I’ve been searching for weeks looking for some actual HD footage so I could decide how much better it looked but no, they just want to shove couch co-op down my throat.

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I need you to call the guy who did the parts with the real people, and tell him/her that they did a good job.

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lets hope it hits the one dressed as moxxi.