Borderlands: The Handsome Collection (PS4)

I can’t even remember how many times I’ve played this game. I remember playing it first at steam when it was on sale and my friend told me to get it so we played together. That was my first playthrough and I loved it. That was 3-4 years ago I believe.

I got the Handsome Collection on PS4 and I played it a number of times again, I just really love this game. But sadly, I only played it solo since I don’t really know anyone who plays this game on PS4. Plus, most of my friends are on XBOX.

So I’m just here wondering and looking for people who are interested in playing a 4 man playthrough (for fun). Doesn’t matter if you’re new to the game or not, I just want to have a 4 man team and not play solo for a change.

I’m EST and I play a lot, especially on weekdays (since that’s when I have the PS4 mostly to myself). I have a ready made level 1 Salvador (Gunzerker) but can easily make a new one if needed.

Hopefully there’s still some of you who play this game, and interested in doing a run.

Let me know.


Hey sounds like a good idea what do you need I’m terms of characters like Maya /zero I already have an axton so I’m trying to avoid picking him

Doesn’t really matter for me. I’ve played Krieg, Axton, Salvador and Zer0 so far. Haven’t tried Maya and Gaige.

I don’t really.mind who I play, I just wanna do a 4-man co-op since I know co-op is more fun than solo. Just looking for something new to do.

I guess I’ll try Maya then maybe go full support I don’t know

I found someone who wants to play too.

I’ll play whoever fits, what’s your PSN?

If anyone else wants to join put your PSN and I’ll add you. Hopefully we can do a 4man.

Psn is swartzkopf

Thatguysh4rk. I’m down to make a new character

Still looking? Assassinjoey3 I’d like to play as zero

Hello guys does anyone have a Torgue Allegiance Relic?

I play a lot as well I have played through but only solo. I am down

You I have a lvl 49 axton. You can add me on PSN HurdtAttack