Borderlands: The Handsome Collection - Split Screen Online Multiplayer

Hello everyone,
I’ve been a borderlands fan and haven’t picked up the pre-sequel yet. Now that the Handsome Collection is coming out…I figure it might be a good time to pick it up on my ps4. My question is though I hear the ability to play split screen up to 4 players. Now will I be able to play split screen online multiplayer like call of duty? For example my friend and I play on the same television, connect online and play with 2 other people over psn, or 3 people play on the same tv and connect with 1 random person over psn.

thanks for the replies in advance!

You shouldn’t have any issues playing online when you have 1-3 folks in a split-screen game. All players will need to have PS Plus/ Xbox Live Gold to take advantage of online multiplayer.

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Xbox one lets you share gold with your local accounts though, right?

Does split screen online multiplayer work if i have split screen in my home and my friend opens up his split screen and we jump online multiplayer to connect together over psn? Basically 2 players on split screen wanting to connect online to another 2 players on split screen. I was reading somewhere, can’t remember the source that it wasn’t possible on ps3 because of the hosting issue. Can you confirm that it works or not?

@krazeazn Shouldn’t be a problem as long as everyone involved has online multiplayer privileges!

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I’m not 100% but can’t you already do this on last gen TPS? I think you can on 360 at least, i know you said you havn’t picked it up yet but just wanted to chime in, as someone else said above maybe ps3 can’t do this?!?

Edit: that someone else was you :blush: sorry lol been a long day for me.

For PS4, can we use share play to do split screen multiplayer?