Borderlands the Movie gets a writer

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Aaron Berg is the writter and some of you may be wondering what has he done and thats a great question because nothing really. He just sold a spec script called section 6 that is getting a lot of attention and is in development and then he was hired to do both Gi Joe 3 and Borderlands.

I know Gi Joe might scare some of us and it did to me but we have not seen his work yet and I like the direction of fresh blood.

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Has there been a confirmed director yet?

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Nope I’m eagerly awaiting that

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I’m hoping he was hired due to his ability to write a good screenplay, and not so much for his willingness to draft a plot.

I want to see the writing crew behind BL on this actively. In my humble opinion, no one could do it better than them.

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If the collaboration that lead to Tales of the Borderlands is any way relateable I’m hopeful.

(In Vino Veritas) #6

That would be exactly what both the fans and the first time viewing audience would love.

Something fluid which makes you laugh, introduces you to a new world, but also packs a punch.

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I can’t wait to watch Brick punch things on the big screen

(Perdido) #8

This website claims to have some inside information on the director and some characters. If this is real, it kinda sounds like a lot of Borderlands fans might be a little bothered that canon might not be respected.

I’m not familiar with this site, so I’d take this with a grain of salt.

(Mcore) #11

I’m fine with new characters… But Jack “DAHL”? And depending on the timeline this takes place it seems like the siren “eve” grew up on Pandora. I find it hard to believe that a 4th siren was on Pandora during the events of bl2 and not involved in the main story. If jack is in the movie and on Pandora then it has to take place between bl1 and 2 canonically. Pitchford said that he didn’t want to retell any of the stories but add something to the canon. If this is what the movie will be like I feel like the script was written by someone who skimmed a wiki article and was told to write a story with some of these characters as quickly as possible.

To be fair if the film doesn’t follow the canon exactly I don’t care as long as its a good movie and story, but this shows a certain level of disrespect for the stories it’s based on and I don’t see anything good coming of it.

(Perdido) #12

It sounds like Eva is Maya with a name change,

A “psycho” who immediately falls in love with Eva. He follows her and protects her from any threat and is so persistent that Eva begins to take a liking towards him. Especially because he has a speech problem and only says the random and weird things.

if you’ve seen Krieg: A Meat Bicycle Built for Two:

The part that’s disturbing is:

The buxom, bustiered Madam at the Moxxi Red Light brothel. She aids the team’s quest to find the vault key, helping them escape Roland’s men and devising plans for the attack on Dahl.

This really screws up canon. It’s as if they’ want to retell the story a different way, rather creating a new story that takes place in the same universe and simply adding cameos by characters from the game.

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At this point, I’m leaning towards the whole “leaked” character sheet being a deliberate hoax. It’s almost as if someone with a solid grasp of the storyline said, “How can we get all those borderlands fanbois outraged?” and then wrote that thing up.

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I remember hearing rumors about the movie a while back but everything went completely silent for a time there. The news about the movie getting a writer is a pleasant surprise no doubt

(Perdido) #15

That may well be. There’s no way to know if this is authentic. But on the other hand, this is exactly to be expected from a film adaptation, if you’ve ever seen a film after reading the book. Honestly, I really expect that a Borderlands movie will disappoint fans of the game.

You wouldn’t expect it to use the game’s story, which would be super boring, but as a fan, you don’t want it to invalidate the story or the characters - that clearly wouldn’t be welcomed by the fans of the game, who wouldn’t consider it to be canon.

Alienating an existing fan base like that is the problem with films based on games. If a filmmaker made a movie respecting the canon, that integrated itself into the existing universe, it would be viewed by the fans as an extension of the game’s story told through a different medium, like the Borderlands comics and film shorts. Re-imagining the basic story and characters would be a waste for both the filmmakers and the fans. But again, that’s really what you should expect, given the history of game films.

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Hope it doesn’t turn out like the Ratchet and Clank movie. That was kind of a disaster

(Mcore) #17

It could be that eve is Maya, and her relationship with Keith seems lifted from that for sure. Moxxi running a brothel doesn’t seem out of character to me, bit once again there no mention of that in canon. Why add and change so many things that don’t need to be different?

I would love to see a well made borderlands movie that expands on canon. Not a slopped together mess made to sell claptrap figurines, ruining the prospect of a good movie coming out, and potentially the reference of the series as a whole.

(Perdido) #18

That Moxxi is a Madam seems out of character. She was disgusted at the idea of prostituting a robot. But that wasn’t really the main issue of that quote, it was the implication that the story has been rewritten (according to the leak in this article, which may or may not be legit). We already know the story of the how the vault key was acquired and who opened the vault, and it wasn’t Clay and Eva. Re-imagining the original story, rather than expanding on it is a good way to lose an a ready-made audience base.

But, again, there’s no certainty that this leak is legit.

(Mcore) #19

And that’s what I’m afraid of. That this leak IS legit, and that borderlands will be bastardized. We can save the “Could Moxxi run a brothel” debate elsewhere."

(soulshock) #20

Make Peter Jackson, Christopher Nolan or George Miller to do Borderlands movie.