Borderlands the pre sequel campaign progress edit


I did a small mistake.

I was playing let’s build a robot army mission and I moved until the gate before install facility part of the mission.

Then, I saw the purple chest before I have to complete this part of the mission and install the facility.

So, I thought that I might get more benefit of this chest so I can get out the game and come back and open the chest again :slight_smile:

So, when I came back the gate is closed and I can’t open it !

What to do now ?

Got ya moved.

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Unfortunately that’s a well-known glitch. Your best bet is to post for help in the relevant on-line play section for your platform, and see if you can find someone who is doing the same mission that you can join to clear it.

I PLAYED BORDERLANDS 2 with tunggle.

I don’t know if I can with pre sequel now. I haven’t played online for long time.

Found the solution :slight_smile:

[Borderlands 2 - How to Reset Missions ](http://Borderlands 2 - How to Reset Missions )

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