Borderlands the pre sequel freezing on first mission

My game crashes at start of the game, i tried turning off settings, using different characters, updating my GPU drivers, searching google for a fix, and uninstalling and reinstalling the game and none of it worked the most it wound do is let me get farther but it would still eventually crash on the first mission. The game has been completely unplayable for a month, It suck’s that i payed 70 dollars and have to wait to play the game. It’s been mouths sins the bug came up and theirs still no fix or update for it?

Are you referring to BL2 or TPS? Since you mention updating drivers, I’m going to assume that you’re on PC or Mac, in which case you could browse through the relevant tech support area. The only other suggestion I can give you would be to file a support ticket:

TPS forum support section is here:

BL2 one is here: